11 Ways to Virtually Celebrate Mother’s Day

Your Mom will love it more, and certainly prefers it when you can personally visit her during Mother’s Day.

But what if you really can’t? Is there any way you can still make her feel special without being physically there with her?

You bet there is!

Here are awesome ways to virtually celebrate Mother’s Day. With these, you can still celebrate with her even when you can’t personally be at her place.

1. Send her a card and a personal letter.

virtually celebrate mother's day - make her a card and a letter

This is how people update one another during the old days, when there were no smartphones and Internet yet. They send cards and letters.

You can do this for your Mom.

I know you can just grab your smartphone and call her. That is easier and definitely way faster. But writing her a letter makes things more special.

So buy a special card for her. Or just make one, yourself. Write her a letter. Tell her how special she is to you.

Then mail it. If you can’t mail it immediately, you can take a picture of the card and of your letter, and send it to her online. Just mail it afterwards, or give it to her yourself when you can finally visit her.

2. Send her flowers.

virtually celebrate mother's day - send her fresh flowers

Order flowers online and have it delivered to her.

There are virtual flowers that you can send online. They’re great too but they’re not actual, real flowers. Fresh flowers are still the best.

So order one for your Mom. Receiving fresh flowers from you is sure to brighten up her day!

If you can order her favorite flowers, that’s a plus!

3. Send a gift basket.

If you want to treat your Mom to a spa but can’t, this is an alternative way to still make her experience it without having to leave home.

virtually celebrate mother's day - spa basket

Instead of taking her to the spa, just take the spa to her home. Send her a spa basket with all the items that you want her to experience!

All your Mom needs to do now is to get in the bathroom and have some nice spa treatment at home!

A spa basket is just one type of gift basket. You can send other gift baskets.

Like a fruit or veggies basket.

virtually celebrate mother's day - fruit basket
virtually celebrate mother's day - vegetable basket

Sending her one tells that you care for her health and well-being. And so you want her to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Another great gift basket is a wine basket with dark chocolates.

virtually celebrate mother's day - wine basket

As you know, a little wine is good for the health, and dark chocolates are also good for the health. It’s like saying to your Mom you care for health and at the same time, you also want her to relax and enjoy life.

In coming up with a gift basket for your Mom, just ask yourself this question…

What would you like to give your Mom on Mother’s Day?


What would Mom want for Mother’s Day?

4. Send her a personalized jigsaw puzzle.

virtually celebrate mother's day - personalized jigsaw puzzle

Get your favorite photo with your Mom. Then have a jigsaw puzzle made out of that.

Send it to your Mom and challenge her to play it and finish it on Mother’s Day.

It is not just a game anyway. This is your picture together. Just a puzzle version (wink).

5. Send her a coupon book.

virtually celebrate mother's day - coupon book

Now this is a really creative gift to give your Mom!

Just like a coupon book in stores which you can redeem, your Mom can also redeem what you write in the coupons.

So your gift giving is not confined to Mother’s Day only. It goes beyond that one day. You’re giving your Mom the opportunity to be pampered by you.

Written in those coupons are your promises – things you’ll give or do for her when she redeems them. It’s an exciting gift to have!

If you don’t have a coupon book yet, just download ours! Then cut and arrange the coupons. And send it to your Mom!

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    Again if you can’t mail it to her immediately, just send her a virtual copy online. Take a picture of the coupons and send it to her.

    Then just mail it to her later, or give it to her personally when you can visit her already.

    6. Send her her favorite songs.

    virtually celebrate mother's day - make a playlist of your Mom's favorite songs

    Another thing you can do to virtually celebrate Mother’s Day is to make a playlist of your Mom’s favorite songs and send it to her.

    The simplest you can do this is on YouTube. Search for your Mom’s favorite songs. Then gather that in a playlist.

    When you’re done, send the playlist’s link to her. And she can play it over and over again in her smartphone.

    You can even sing a song to her! Make her play a song in the playlist. Then, while she’s playing that, sing with it, with your Mom listening!

    Oh, isn’t that sweet?

    7. Do a video call with your Mom.

    video call with Mom

    Doing a video call is probably the simplest of this list.

    It takes little effort. You only need your smartphone and a stable internet connection.

    Call your Mom. Turn the video on and that’s it! Have a heart-to-heart talk with your Mom!

    8. Order a delivery of her favorite meal.

    favorite meal delivery

    What is your Mom’s favorite meal?

    Make a call to her favorite restaurant. Order her favorite meal and have it delivered to her place.

    She may not be in the actual restaurant. But with her favorite meal in her home, it’s easier to feel like she’s just in the restaurant, itself.

    Of course it’s happier when you’re there eating with her. But in this case, you’re not, so the next step is very important.

    9. Eat lunch together, virtually.

    eat lunch together virtually

    Open your smartphones and video call each other!

    Yup! While eating lunch.

    This way, you may not be in the same room, but each other’s presence can be felt.

    So even you’re not physically there with your Mom, it can still feel like you are because you can see each other, and talk to each other while eating.

    10. Have a virtual wine party.

    celebrate mother's day - virtual wine party

    When you virtually celebrate Mother’s Day, you can’t miss wine!

    So enjoy your favorite wine with your Mom in a virtual wine party!

    This is like virtually eating together. Apply the same tactic to drinking wine.

    Get your favorite wine. Let your Mom do the same. Then video chat each other while drinking wine. Even better, talk to each while you’re sipping that relaxing drink.

    Now if you don’t have wine, you can make a juice, or try another drink.

    11. Watch a family movie together.

    watch a family movie while chatting with your Mom

    Play one of your favorite family movies and watch that at the same time. Call each other so that you’ll start the movie at the same time.

    Continue chatting with each other while you’re watching. Then call your Mom after the movie.

    Talk about what you just watched. Reminisce the memories that come with that movie.

    A personal visit is still the best gift.

    Just a bit of caution. This list to virtually celebrate Mother’s Day is only good for when you can’t visit your Mom personally. But when you can, it doesn’t apply anymore.

    When you can visit your Mom, do it. Don’t say you don’t have time. Make time for her.

    One personal visit still counts a lot more than doing everything in this list. At the end of the day, your presence is still what matters most to her!

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