How to Effectively Use Kitchen Cabinets for Maximum Storage

how to effectively use kitchen cabinets for maximum storage

No matter how much space you have in the kitchen, it feels like you should have more. Organising the storage box, cooking dishes, and other useful items can be huge. However, with the help of closed cabinets, open shelves, and drawers, you can effectively organise everything you use daily in the kitchen.

Storing kitchen items might not be an issue for a big and spacious kitchen. With many shelves and ample pantry space, you can store as many containers as you want without any issue except for neat organising. In small kitchens or when there are not enough cabinets, it can be a huge task how to store all the items you want.

Today, we will discuss how to effectively use kitchen cabinets to get the maximum storage space. Regular decluttering and throwing away the items that you don’t use will give you efficient space to store all the items you want. Let’s discuss in more detail the tips to increase storage space in your kitchen.

Allocate a whole drawer for organising spices.

If you use a lot of spices for cooking, you must be having an array of spices that you use. Instead of storing them in the cabinets, use a single drawer. Keep them as an array so that you can use them easily when you are cooking food.

Even though you have a kitchen cabinet allocated for spices, it’s efficient to store spices in the drawer. In that way, you will have a free cabinet shelf that you can use for storing other important items.

Notice if you’re bulk packaging the items.

Another way you can stuff up the cabinets is if you’re storing bulk packaging items like chips and cereals. They come in large cardboard boxes and air-filled covers which take up space unnecessarily.

If you want to maximise storage in the cabinets, store cereals and chips in see-through containers. They not only take up less space but also look organised. It’s one of the easy ways to improve kitchen storage space.

Roll your kitchen towels instead of stacking.

Notice how you’re storing the kitchen towels in the kitchen. Are you stacking them on top of one another? Then change the way you store and roll them instead.

Rolling takes up less space and is also easy for you to pick when there is a need. It gives a cleaner look and makes your life easy when you want to grab one in urgent situations.

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Use baskets to organise small snacks.

The best way to maximise the storage space in the kitchen cabinets is by using baskets and open trays to store small essential items.

For instance, there are various snacks that come in small packaging like biscuits and granola bars. Use baskets to store these small items so that they are organised properly in the cabinet. You will not only keep them in one place but your family can pick one easily when they are hungry.

Use your bookcase to store large containers.

Have you ever considered using your bookshelf to store large kitchen containers that you might have? Bring your bookshelf to the corner of your kitchen and have additional storage space beside the kitchen cabinets.

Of course, it might seem impossible if you have a small kitchen but if there’s a possibility, give it a try. You can also read smart kitchen renovations to know more about maximising storage space.

Mind the vertical space in shelves.

If you want to use the kitchen cabinets more effectively, you have to start thinking about the vertical space. Make sure to store things vertically so that you can store more.

For instance, you can put iron separator or separator shelves that give you shelves under shelves. It gives you the flexibility to store more containers so that you can make use of the space without fitting all of the together.

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Keep close the daily used items.

Always remember to organise the shelves so that you have easy access to all the dishes and pans you use daily. Make sure to put them at your eye level so that you don’t have to roam around your kitchen to fetch what you need on daily basis. It makes your cooking easy and also easy to store after you wash them.

Install upper shelves.

Even though you maximised the storage on all of your kitchen cabinets, if you’re still struggling to find new space, then think about installing upper shelves. Open upper shelves above or under the cabinets let you store the less used or most items respectively. You can either consider adding wooden or iron shelves depending on your budget and preferences.

Install hooks for hanging pans and towels.

If you are using cabinet space to store pans, towels, chopping boards, etc., then you can think of installing hooks to the wall. You can hang all the items, from the kitchen towel to frying pans and spatulas.

Some people even hand small plants to increase the aesthetics of the cooking space. Find an empty space on your kitchen walls and install hooks or a hanger.

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Maximize the space that your kitchen cabinets provide!

It’s very vital to organise the kitchen neatly and cleanly so that you maintain aesthetics and hygiene. With kitchen cabinets, you can store everything you need without the clutter.

If you ever think that the cabinets are not properly serving their purpose, you can always think of reasons to replace kitchen cabinets for more productive and effective options.

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Here are simple ways you can effectively use kitchen cabinets to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. Store only the items needed and you'll have enough space!

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