Is The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019 for You?

I’m an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles. So if you buy using one of the links here I’m going to get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, I am promoting this bundle because I love it and I know that it will help you a lot in homemaking. Thank you for helping me support this blog!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is here again, with new Ebooks, printables, Ecourses, videos, workbooks, summits, membership sites and of course bonuses!

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard about it, or you have already purchased one in the past, it’s time to decide whether this present offer is for you, because it’s not going to be here forever.

It will be available only for six days, which means you have until May 6 to decide whether you buy it or not.

So I wrote this article to help you decide whether it’s a good catch, and if not, you can confidently walk away.

I know you’re looking for the full list of what’s included in this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, but before I give you a rundown of everything you will get, here’s a very important step first.

Take note of the products that will really help you, and how much these cost.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

It’s normal for anyone of us to assume that since we are buying the bundle, we will read every Ebook, print every printable and watch every video there is. But, it’s just not possible.

You will not be able to tackle everything in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

I repeat. You will not be able to tackle EVERYTHING in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

And that’s fine.

Because you can just dwell on those that will really help you in homemaking.

So the first part in determining if the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is for you, is to take note of those products that will really help you.

So go ahead and get a paper and pen. Then as you scroll through the products, make a list of everything that you think will help you, including the bonuses.

Don’t forget to include the prices in your notes!

Here they are! It’s a really long list.

Creativity & Decor (10 products worth $299.95)

  • Basic Hand Stitches eCourse by Angi Schneider ($17.00)
    A video based ecourse that will give you just what you need in order to start sewing by hand. With just these four basic stitches you’ll be on your way to being able to hand sew anything.
  • Brush Lettering 101 eCourse by Shelby Abrahamsen ($47.00)
    A self-paced course designed to teach lettering newbies what they need to get started and how to quickly grow their skills.
  • Embroidery for Beginners: The Basics eCourse by Morgan Roberts ($99.00)
    Learn how to embroider with this step-by-step video tutorial!
  • Hand Lettering: Greeting Words & Phrases for Cards & Notes Workbook by Viktoria Andersson ($27.00)
    Become a pro at drawing words & phrases that are commonly used in greeting cards & start creating cards for all your loved one’s today!
  • How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home eBook by Jann Newton ($5.99)
    Jann Newton wants to help you take the guesswork out of choosing paint colors for your home.
  • How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette: For Adult Coloring, Art Projects, Graphic Design & More eCourse by JoDitt Williams ($24.00)
    A coloring book artist shares her secrets to choosing color palettes that wow… for coloring pages, art projects, websites, and more.
  • Quote Decor: Simply September Collection Printable by Lindsay Bartelt ($15.00) If you love quotes, then you’ll love “Quote Decor” Simply September Collection full of endless quotes perfect for decorating and free printables for easy download.
  • Redesign Your Home: An Interior Designer’s Secret Steps to Redesign your Space eCourse by Angela Block ($35.00)
    Offers a simple Designer’s step by step process on how to redecorate your room within an afternoon using what you already own, while learning how to plan and shop for new decor within your budget whether it is large or small!
  • Simply Home Sewn Workbook by Chelsea Briner ($9.99)
    Help make your home organized, comfy and handmade with the Simply Home Sewn ebook including 7 downloadable PDF sewing patterns.
  • Swaying with the Wind: a Charity Knitting Pattern Collection eBook by Nicole Haschke ($19.97)
    If you love to knit and want to use it to make a difference, this collection is what you need.

Faith (13 products worth $212.82)

  • 80 Affirmations for Christian Families Printable  by Tara Ziegmont ($10.00)
    Beautiful, full-color cards that can be printed and posted in the home to remind moms and kids to see the beauty in themselves, their worlds, and their God
  • A Heart for Hospitality eCourse by Jami Balmet ($34.95)
    Discover the joy in Biblical serving with practical video lessons and a printable hospitality binder to help you get organized.
  • ABC Bible Memory Workbook for Kids Workbook by Jennifer Smith ($10.00) Designed to encourage bonding with your children while you memorize 26 bible verses together with a mix of fun activities and learn praise songs together in under 20 minutes each day.
  • Balance: The Art of Minding What Matters Most eBook by Jennifer Flanders ($9.99)
    Offers practical suggestions for evaluating your to-do list and prioritizing time for the things that matter most.
  • Color and Memorize: Encouraging Bible Verses Printable by Amy Blevins ($12.95)
    All about getting Moms and Kids in Gods word when stress threatens to invade your home.
  • Encourage My Tween’s Heart Workbook by Lee Felix ($5.95)
    Learn how to connect with your child, build character and parent their heart.
  • Family Moments: 12 Months of Themed Family Nights Workbook by Keri Snyder ($20.00)
    Provides you with the opportunity to connect, grow, and serve as a family.
  • From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood eBook by Ruth Schwenk ($12.99)
    Ruth Schwenk and contributors share their real life stories to help you overcome anger, strengthen your resolve to face the day-to-day overwhelm and walk in the freedom that God offers to you!
  • HopeGrown Faith Community: 3 Month Membership Membership Site by Christie Thomas ($27.00)
    This site will inspire and equip you to confidently share the hope of Christ with your kids.
  • Lies Moms Believe: And How the Gospel Refutes Them eBook by Rebekah Hargraves ($4.99)
    With warmth, transparency, and an unwavering passion for truth, Rebekah refutes 32 common lies moms believe (such as “I am to find my identity and ultimate fulfillment in motherhood”  and “I have to be a perfect mom”) with the truths of God’s Word.
  • Love One Another Sibling Challenge Workbook by Jenn Thorson ($7.00)
    A printable resource that guides your kids in creating stronger, more loving sibling bonds through fun ideas and strategies based on proven Biblical principles.
  • Peaceful, Patient Mama: Biblical Anger Management eCourse by Gina M Poirier ($47.00)
    With the anger management tools in this course, you’ll be equipped to rely on God’s strength in your parenting, for a calmer, more peaceful home.

For Kids (9 products worth $134.96)

  • 101 Screen-Free Ideas: Printable Activity Cards Printable by Julie McCorkle ($8.00) This printable activity card pack is your grab-and-go resource to encourage real, screen-free play!
  • Chore Board Printable Pack Printable by Jessica Evans ($10.00)
    Takes the battle out of daily and weekly tasks by neatly packaging them into a fun and straightforward contribution plan geared toward positivity and suitable for children of all ages!
  • Happy Journal for Kids Workbook by Jennie Moraitis ($8.98)
    Want to teach your kids about gratitude in a fun way?
  • Kids Command Center Printable by Laura Rizer ($4.99)
    A tool to give kids visual reminders of the important parts of their days to help them with routines, schedules, and more.
  • Kids Mindfulness Package: Flashcards and Coloring Pages Printable by Laura Durenberger ($7.00)
    If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate mindfulness into your child’s life, or if you’re a teacher, daycare owner, or any other type of position where you interact with kids, these flashcards and coloring pages can be a great way to do so!
  • Kids Sorted: 100+ Printables for a Calm and Happy Home Printable by Karen Schravemade ($59.00)
    A pack of practical, solution-focussed printables to help bring calm and order to every area of life with kids.
  • Picture Word Cards Printable by Jennifer Pepito ($5.00)
    A beautiful way to introduce young children to the 26 initial sounds of the alphabet through matching letters, photos, and words.
  • Printable Educational Poster Bundle: Laundry Guidelines and Modern States & Capitals Printable by Sara Curtis ($12.00)
    Remind your children how to do laundry and help them remember their states & capitals with these beautiful educational art printables!
  • The Amazing Play Dough Printables Pack Printable by Cathy James ($19.99)
    50+ themed play dough printables and play mats, ready to play in an instant!
Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Home Management (13 products worth $269.93)

  • A Cleaner Home by the Holidays eBook by Hilary Bernstein ($9.95)
    Clean your home in time for holiday gatherings in just 12 days.
  • Clutter-Free(dom): Ditch Clutter & Create Systems to Keep It from Coming Back eBook by Christine White ($17.00)
    Readers will go from overwhelmed to relaxed in their homes by decluttering and developing systems to keep the clutter from coming back! Powerful strategies, checklists, and helpful mindset shifts will get readers the results they’ve been wanting.
  • Declutter 365 Premium: One Year Subscription Membership Site by Taylor S. Flanery ($49.00)
    Gives you a simple daily roadmap for decluttering your entire home, the encouragement and strategies necessary to succeed, and helps develop habits and routines to keep your home clutter-free from now on.
  • Declutter Your House in a Weekend eBook by Abby Lawson ($7.00)
    Provides a tried-and-true process to help you knock out a huge chunk of the decluttering process all at one time!
  • Homekeeping + Cleaning Kit Printable by Becky Rapinchuk ($10.00)
    If you’ve struggled with cleaning and homekeeping or have a great system in place, this simple format is perfect to get your home clean and organized with Clean Mama’s proven method.
  • Hostess Handbook eBook by Ashley Berger ($17.00)
    Ashley wants to help YOU create unforgettable memories around your table with easy recipes, simple decor tips, and conversation starters for the whole family!
  • How to Host a Crazy Profitable Garage Sale: A Step-by-Step Guide For Making the Most Money From Your Next Yard Sale eBook by Heather Behrends ($7.00)
    Designed to help you plan, organize, and execute your next garage sale so that you can make the most profit possible. Heather guides you step by step through the process so you don’t have to guess.
  • Journey to Clean Workbook by Leslie Lambert ($15.99)
    Journey to Clean is a cleaning system that lets you easily maintain a clean home in around an hour a day.
  • Making Peace with Downsizing: At Any Stage of Life eBook by Debbie Lundy Pendell ($5.00)
    Debbie brings a matter of fact perspective and encouragement that anyone in any stage of life “can and will” make peace with downsizing.
  • Making Room: How to Create Soul and Style in Your Home eBook by Lucy Jo Bowman ($9.99)
    Helps you to create beautiful, functional and peaceful homes that can hold the most important memories and people in your life.
  • The 5 Day Clutter Shakedown eCourse by Dana K White ($40.00)
    Teaches you how to make visible decluttering progress (and never a bigger mess) in any amount of time you have to give.
  • The Swap: The Lazy Genius Guide to Decluttering for Life eBook by Kendra Adachi ($15.00)
    Gives you a path through your stuff so you can create a home you love… and keep it that way.
  • Your Decluttering Game Plan: A Simple Roadmap for Busy Homes  eCourse by Brianna Berner $67.00
    An easy-to-follow roadmap that will walk you through the process of decluttering your entire home — no matter how much time you have or how often your kids pull you away.

Homeschooling (8 products worth $148.94)

  • 2018 Digital Homeschool Convention Sessions Summit by Holly Chubb ($79.00)
    Get all the benefits of a homeschool convention brought right to your door.
  • Five Senses Letter-a-Week Activity Guide eBook by Elizabeth ($10.00)
    This guide will take you beyond JUST alphabet activities with opportunities for multi-sensory exploration all across the curriculum.
  • Home Management for the Homeschool Mom Audiobook by Amy Roberts ($12.00)
    Guides you through the building of a routine and rhythm for your homeschooling and homemaking that will allow you to get everything accomplished without the stress and chaos.
  • Homeschooling with Confidence Workbook by Bekki Sayler ($9.00)
    Bekki Sayler brings you 20+ homeschooling experiences and wraps them in love, humor, and practical encouragement that will add peace, confidence and joy to your homeschooling journey!
  • How Do You Want Your Homeschool to Feel Audio / Workbook by Kara S Anderson ($7.99)
    A mom-sized course intended to help mamas return to that calling we had to try this homeschooling business in the first place, and to help you move forward with confidence and love.
  • Science in the Kitchen: Fearless Science at Home For All Ages eBook by Susan K. Stewart ($4.95)
    Helps eliminate science-phobia by showing how to use any curriculum at home, where to get science supplies, and take the mystery out of the big three: physics, biology, and chemistry.
  • Student Planner Bundle Printable by Jolanthe Erb ($16.00)
    These planners will help students keep up with assignments, projects, exams, and important dates for school while simplifying YOUR day.
  • Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring eBook by Kerry Beck ($10.00)
    Kerry outlines how moms can use a super-simple teaching strategy that anyone can use … to teach critical thinking skills, Biblical thinking skills, wise decision making and thus raise Godly leaders.
  • Tracing Fun Mega Bundle: Fine Motor Skill Fun for Kids Printable by Carisa Hinson ($12.00)
    Gives you over 150 pages for your young child to encourage fine motor skill development.

In the Kitchen (7 products worth $87.95)

  • Anchored Women Meal Planner: A Simplified System eCourse by Kayse Pratt ($17.00)
    A simplified meal planning system + workbook to help you save time and money!
  • Baking Supplies Pantry Labels: For a Beautifully Organized Kitchen Printable by Susan Santoro ($4.99)
    Five different styles, 3 different colors and one two-color combination give you 17 beautiful options for organizing your pantry.
  • Fabulously Festive Meal Planning and Food Storage Printable Pack by Susan Nelson ($17.00)
    Take the stress out of holiday and everyday meal planning, shopping and even food storage (no more throwing away unidentified food objects in your fridge!) with this meal planning and food storage mega pack.
  • Meal Plan Makeover: Transform Your Meal Plans to Save You Time and Money Video by Jessica Fisher ($17.00)
    Makeover your meal plans in a little over an hour with the Meal Plan Makeover Mini Workshop so that dinner is quick, easy, and on budget!
  • Old Fashioned Recipe Binder Pages Printable by Merissa Alink ($7.97)
    A beautiful way to organize and store all of your family’s favorite recipes.
  • The Humbled Homemaker’s Meal Planning Printables Bundle by Erin Odom ($4.99)
    This bundle comes with a two-week ALDI meal plan, an additional “7 Gluten-Free Dinners from ALDI” printable pack with recipes and shopping lists, a printable weekly meal planner, and a “Kids Eat Free” printable.
  • Ultimate Baking Bootcamp eCourse by Heather Perine ($19.00)
    All about learning the different mixing methods, the science behind the ingredients, and then applying that new found knowledge to the recipes.

Marriage (6 products worth $80.95)

  • Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage: 9 Week Bible Study on Christian Marriage eCourse by Tiffany Montgomery ($37.00)
    The course for any wife who wants to fix problems in her marriage.  By learning to do marriage God’s way you will find real hope and true joy in any season of Marriage.
  • Finding Joy: The Year Apart That Made Me A Better Wife eBook by Hope N. Griffin ($7.99)
    Hope shares her journey as a military spouse and caregiver to encourage others walking through difficult times.
  • Giant Date Night Bucket Lists: Printable Posters for Couples Printable by The Dating Divas ($15.00)
    This printable pack includes 4 different types of Giant Date Night Bucket Lists for couples, including pre-filled and blank versions you can customize and make your own!
  • Intentional Love: 31 Ways to Love Your Husband/Wife with Purpose eBook by Leah & Matt Heffner ($7.98)
    Matt and Leah Heffner believe that we shouldn’t wait until our kids are older to make our marriages a priority. And in Intentional Love, he shares 31 short but thoughtful ways to grow your marriage – even (especially) during some of the hardest seasons.
  • Surprise “Heart Attack” Printable by Kristen Skiles ($5.00)
    Skip the greeting card and give your loved one the special surprise of a “heart attack,” 30 fill-in-the-blank hearts to fill out, cut, and tape all over!
Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Organization (10 products worth $227.00)

  • Christmas: Sorted! The Ultimate Planner & Support to Help you Enjoy Every Part of Christmas Printable by Chrissy Halton ($32.00)
    Chrissy wants to help you make planning Christmas a pleasure rather than a chore – and will help you every step of the way with this planner plus extras.
  • Get Organized HQ: 2018 Virtual Summit by Laura Smith ($49.00)
    Your one stop shop for all things organizing, planning, goal setting and more.
  • Habit Tracker Bundle Printable by Emily Bredeson ($7.00)
    Tracking small daily habits can make a big difference over the course of a few weeks, months, or even longer. This Habit Tracker Bundle includes worksheets to help you track your habits and watch your progress in a way that works for you.
  • Home Project Planner Printable Kit by Emily Counts ($22.00)
    Includes 110 pages of printable checklists, planners, and trackers designed to help you organize and plan decorating and renovating projects both big and small.
  • Homemaking ePlanner: Homekeeping & Project Planning Printable by Jennifer Tankersley ($10.00)
    Includes tips and guidance as you work to make your house a home!
  • Mom’s BFF Planner Printable by Antoinette Walker ($25.00)
    A library of PDFs that provides busy moms with printables and checklists to make managing your household easier!
  • Purposeful Printable Pack Workbook by Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui ($11.00)
    A pretty set of worksheets which will help you identify and live aligned with your highest values and priorities – or otherwise stay organized.
  • Time Blocking 101 Workbook by Donna Shenk ($12.00)
    Shows you how to structure your time in a more efficient and effective way to help you get more done with less stress.  
  • Ultimate Homeschool Life Management eCourse by Jennifer Chauvin ($37.00)
    In this course, Jennifer will help you pull all aspects of your homeschooling life together into something that is manageable for your family. Find peace once and for all and bring joy back into your homeschool!
  • Vacation Planner Printable by Megan Duesterhaus ($22.00)
    From packing lists and trip itineraries, to travel logs, activity planners and so much more, this comprehensive Printable Vacation Planner will ensure you don’t overlook a single detail of your next trip!

Parenting (13 products worth $416.93)

  • A Purpose Driven Mom Summit by Cara Harvey ($39.00)
    These presentations will help you parent with grace and intentionality. With over 20 speakers, you can pick and choose sessions to watch to help you work on yourself or your parenting.
  • Burning Bright, Not Burning Out: Notes from a Decade of Motherhood eBook by Haley Stewart ($5.99)
    By sharing vulnerably about her first 10 years as a mom, Haley Stewart reflects on the refining fire of motherhood, why it’s so hard in our isolated & constantly plugged-in culture, & how we can thrive as mothers by embracing this transformative journey.
  • Calm Connect Correct eCourse by Penelope Webster ($39.00)
    The step-by-step process that enables parents to calmly respond to behavior, discover the motive behind behavior, connect with your child during the hardest times, and dramatically transform your relationship!
  • Creating Family Vision Boards to Strengthen Family Culture eCourse by Greg & Rachel Denning/ Worldschool Family ($19.95)
    Live as the hero of your own life story, rise to challenges, unite as a team, and reach new heights as a family!
  • Discipline That Makes a Difference: Effective Discipline and Behavior Modification to Support the Parent-Child Relationship eBook by Shelley Jefsen ($27.00) Shelley reveals the truth about common behavior problems and gives you a strategy to change these behaviors by shedding light on why discipline tactics often fail and how to apply effective discipline instead.
  • Emotional Overload: 3 Steps To Fewer Tantrums, Greater Connections & More Cooperation eCourse by Rachel Norman ($13.00)
    Gives you an easy to follow framework to help support your children’s emotions within your family rules and boundaries.
  • Guilt Free Guide to Summer: Your Fail-Proof Plan to a Summer with Kids You Can Feel Good About eCourse by JoAnn Crohn ($45.00)
    This course will help you create a summer plan that both YOU and your kids can look forward to.
  • Montessori Beginnings eCourse by Holly Daniel ($77.00)
    A 4 module online course to help you better understand Montessori, giving you the chance to grow independence, confidence and a lifelong love of learning in your toddler.
  • Online Safety Handbook: How to Safely Navigate Social Media & The Internet eBook by Corinne Roth ($9.99)
    Learn the Do’s & Dont’s of online safety. Includes reviews of 31 popular apps & hidden inappropriate content parents need to know about, and then follow step-by-step tutorials to create safe internet filters on devices and your home’s WiFi.
  • Sleep Training Your Reluctant Toddler: A Tired Parent’s Guide To Getting A Better Night’s Sleep eBook by Candice Hamelwright ($5.00)
    Candice created a gentle sleep training method for her sleep reluctant 15 month old toddler and detailed each step for you in this e-book.
  • Strong Bodies, Strong Minds: Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits & Bringing Peace To The Family Table! eCourse by Melissa Benaroya ($49.00)
    Melissa  provides you the tools needed to become more intentional about providing what you child needs, help clarify what your role is in feeding and how to encourage healthy eating habits.
  • The Gentle Parenting Course: The straightforward way to effectively discipline your children – without yelling or spanking eCourse by Lizzy Mash ($75.00)
    A thorough video course designed to teach you how to gently discipline your child using effective strategies such as natural consequences, positive language, firm boundaries and more.
  • Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Playroom eBook by Amber Richcreek ($12.00)
    This book shows you how to create a play environment that helps your child play, learn, and even clean up independently.

Self Care (10 products worth $266.95)

  • 7 Simple Days eBook by Jennifer Burger ($37.00)
    Created to help you “kick-start” your simple and intentional living journey; if you’re ready to clear the clutter and create a life you love, then this is for you!
  • Bust Out of the Makeup Rut eCourse by Alison Lumbatis ($29.00)
    This class encourages you to get out of your makeup comfort zone, empowers you with step-by-step tutorials, and gives you printable shopping lists so you know exactly what to look for when you head to the store!
  • Courage Amidst Uncertainty: How to Ride Life’s Waves and Do Amazing Things eCourse by Katie Dutcher ($15.00)
    Invites you to engage awareness, compassion, and your own innate wisdom to face situations of fear and anxiety, helping you to access the courage that is already within you.
  • Create Your Intentional Life Masterclass eCourse by Brittany Ann ($35.00) With 5 video lessons and an in-depth 15 page workbook, this masterclass will teach you how to create a meaningful life you’ll LOVE, so you always have time for the people and things that matter most to you.
  • Intentional 21 Workbook by Satya T Nelms ($35.00)
    Intentional 21 is a self-guided journaling series, that includes 21 days of prompts, quotes and affirmations to help you live your best life.
  • Lean Fit 1.0 Home Workout Guide Workbook by Tracy Lewis ($20.00)
    Lean Fit 1.0 is 4-week workout program you can do at home to build lean muscle, boost metabolism, and burn fat to slim down in less than 30 minutes a day!
  • Seven Day Hair Challenge: Easy to learn hairstyles for busy moms! eCourse by Caroline Allen ($15.00)
    Will help you learn how to do seven easy hairstyles that work not only for busy moms, but also girls with longer hair.
  • Texting Action Pack: Exercises to Ease Upper Body Pain and Tension eCourse by Jen Hoffman ($39.97)
    Learn simple exercises you can easily weave into your day to ease tension and build strength in the upper body.
  • The Stay-at-Home Moms’ Year-Round Outfit Guide: 280+ Outfits for the Entire Year eCourse by Corina Holden ($39.99)
    This guide shows you WHAT wardrobe essentials you need and HOW to put them together into 280+ easy outfits that crush that frumpy mom feeling for good.
  • Self Care Spree: Learn Better Self Care with Just 15 Minutes a Day eCourse by Alison Reeves ($19.00)
    Alison wants to empower you to learn how to create your own happiness, without relying on expensive self care gimmicks.

Work at Home (6 products worth $157.98)

  • Begin Your Biz in 15 Minutes/Day: Your Freelancing Tips Starter Kit eBook by Sagan Morrow ($9.00)
    In this comprehensive, practical step-by-step guide, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to start (and grow!) your freelance business in just 15 minutes/day—from creating your business plan and marketing strategy to launching a new service and more.
  • Etsy Quickstart Guide: How to Start Selling on Etsy & Build a Sustainable Business eBook by Abby Banks ($19.99)
    A step-by-step plan for how to start selling on Etsy and grow it into a sustainable business.
  • HerPaperRoute Guide To Pinterest Marketing eCourse by Chelsea Clarke ($65.00)
    Discover how to use Pinterest as a slick marketing tool to rapidly grow your business + blog.
  • Mom to Momtrepreneur: Guide to Conquering Your First 30-Days Blogging During Nap Time eBook by Cassie Scroggins ($7.00)
    Learn and complete the 12 essential tasks that should be done FIRST after launching your blog to set it up for success, all broken down into daily tasks that can be completed during your child’s nap time!
  • Work at Home Trello Pack Templates by Amylee Udell ($11.99)
    Over 15 pre-formatted digital organizers to help you plan, track and manage every aspect of your home business.
  • Work From Home Made Easy: Business Plan Bundle Workbook by Claudia Garbutt ($45.00)
    Jam-packed with everything the aspiring online entrepreneur needs to develop, refine and execute a rock-solid business plan for their budding online business.


  • FREE 3 month membership to Musik at Home, $48 value
  • FREE 4 month membership to You Need a Budget, $27.96 Value
    **Current users can get the same offer by emailing customer support to get 4 months free added to their account manually.
  • FREE 3 month Pro membership from List PlanIt, $30 Value
    **Current users can get a $30 sitewide credit and valued $10 eBook
  • FREE 10 audio stories from Around the World Stories, $38 value
  • FREE 1-month subscription from BookRoo, $24.95 value (U.S. shipping: $5, Canadian shipping: $16 CA)
    **FREE download of 3 minimalist Bookroo posters for existing customer
  • FREE Printable Art Postcard Set PLUS $15 Credit to Hope Ink Shop & Two 8×10 Art Prints PLUS 2019-2020 Printable Calendar from Hope Ink, $95 Value
  • FREE 2 month membership from Fitb2 Studios, $33.94 value
    **A $15 store credit for existing customers of the membership
  • FREE 1 cocoa butter chapstick, 1 travel size relief salve , 1 bar of soap from Puroco, $22 value
  • FREE Natural Eyeshadow Kit -or- $18 off anything in collection from Orglamix, $18 value
  • FREE $15 Gift Card to Cultivate What Matters, $15 value
  • FREE $15 Gift Card to TriLight Health, $15 value


Whew! That’s a lot!

How many products have you noted?

Consider the time that you have.

Now it’s time to pop up the more important question…

Do you have the time to go through all those?

Perhaps you have selected five Ebooks, two ecourses and a membership. Do you have the time it takes to go over the material and apply whatever it is that you might learn from these?

The biggest mistake we do with these infoproducts is that, we go through the lessons, but we don’t do our part. We don’t act on what we learn.

For a lesson to be valuable you have to apply it, otherwise, you just wasted your time.

So go back to your list but this time, be ruthless.

Go through what you wrote and ask yourself, will you be able really to go through all that?

Take note of what you will be able to tackle for real, considering the already limited time that you have.

Moment of Truth

What’s left of your list?

Those are the only products that you are sure to use.

Others are just plain bonus.

Now compute how much they are worth (regular prices).

If the total regular price is still higher than the cost of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, then you’ve got yourself a great bundle!

For example, in my case, it’s the one year membership in the Declutter 365 which I am interested the most because of the decluttering assignments given in the membership everyday.

And I just love that because I don’t have to think anymore about which area I should focus on decluttering everyday!

They have already done the guesswork. I just have to do the homework.

That membership costs $49. The bundle costs $29.97.

So you see, even if it’s just Declutter 365 which I will tackle all year, nothing else, it’s still a nice bargain!

And I’ll have the result I need – clutter-free home.

Who doesn’t want that?

Do you have the money?

Okay… final deciding factor.

I know $29.97 is a small amount for many, but what if it’s not for you?

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t also purchase something of this price.

Yes, I was there too.

But that’s fine.

If it’s going to hurt your budget today, the best action is, do not purchase it.

ou can wait for a new release again next year. Join my mailing list and I’ll email you about it when it opens again.

It will not be this set, though. It’s going to be a different combination of products.

But just like this one, it’s still going to be very helpful.

Time to act!

Okay, so what’s it going to be?

Yes, I’m buying the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

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