Your Guide to Simple and Stress-Free Staycation Plans in Iowa

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? By the time you book flights, reserve a hotel, and plan an itinerary, you may feel too tired to even enjoy your vacation. Planning a vacation doesn’t always have to be stressful, especially when focusing on simple, stress-free plans. Use this guide to create a simple, easygoing staycation in Iowa.

What Is a Staycation?

Staycations are the new trend in vacations. A staycation is a vacation that involves staying in your home state or even city. Rather than trying to figure out how to get to and around a new location, you focus on visiting your own city as a tourist. This gives you the opportunity to check out your home state from a new perspective.

You might book a hotel or vacation rental, or you might stay right in your own home. Either way, a staycation can be more affordable and less stressful than other vacation types.

Invest in a Local Cabin

Investing in a local cabin allows you and your family to go on vacation more frequently. You don’t have to worry about booking a hotel room or finding availability at a nearby rental. Even better, you can furnish your cabin with the amenities most important to you and your family, which can cut down on packing time.

Park model cabins are made with 100% solid log timber and are built to last. They’re rustic, quaint, and perfect for creating lasting memories. Even better, most park model cabins don’t require permits or property taxes, which can make them an affordable vacation destination that you and your family can keep for years.

Iowa also has many great destinations that are perfect for park model cabins. Choose something a few hours from your home for longer getaways, or go with something closer to you for quick weekend trips with the family. Choosing something closer also means shorter road trips and less time spent preparing to keep the whole family entertained when driving.

Turn Your Cabin Into a Vacation Rental For Extra Income

Why not earn a little extra money on the side when you’re not using the cabin? With a true rustic appeal, log cabins make for the perfect vacation rental. You can use the money you earn to help fund your and your family’s upcoming vacations. Most log cabin rentals include running water and electricity, which makes them the perfect vacation rental.

Focus on Relaxation

One of the best parts of planning a staycation is that you get the opportunity to sit back and relax. If you’re constantly on the go while on vacation, you’ll likely feel tired when you return, which can make it difficult to keep up with work, school, and family responsibilities.

Make relaxation an essential part of your staycation. Rustic cabins are perfect for relaxing. You can cozy up around a fireplace or enjoy quality family time overlooking the serene outdoors on a built-in deck.

Meal Prep

Another benefit of staycations is that you can meal prep and bring your favorite foods with you on the trip. Pack a cooler of everyone’s favorite dishes and stock the fridge. Then, you won’t have to worry about shopping or cooking while on vacation. Even better, when you have your own log cabin in the woods, you can keep it stocked with your favorite items.

You can always splurge on your last night of vacation by heading into the downtown area to enjoy a pizza or a few drinks.

Go with the Flow

A staycation is relaxing because instead of filling your schedule with non-stop plans, you simply wake up and go with the flow. Try to adopt a mindset that you don’t need plans just because you’re going on vacation. Instead, allow everyone to sleep in and wake up when they’re ready. After a filling breakfast, ask everyone what they’re in the mood to do today.

Some days, you may crave adventure and decide to check out the skiing or hiking in Iowa. On other days, lounging around the cabin playing board games and roasting s’mores may be a better idea.

Vacation at Home

Make vacation even easier by staying at home. Building a custom log cabin in your backyard or on your existing land means you have more opportunities for last-minute vacations. You can also turn your backyard cabin into a relaxing entertainment room or in-law suite.

Planning a vacation doesn’t always have to be stressful. This year, instead of packing your schedule with activity after activity, consider trying a staycation. You may find that you love it so much that you decide to invest in your own log cabin in the woods. Families who find it harder to get away may even find value in a backyard cabin.

The best journeys are the ones that lead you home.

In the heartland of America, the state of Iowa offers a wealth of hidden gems and charming destinations that can turn any staycation into a memorable experience. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the beauty of a staycation, the ease of planning one, and some of the captivating places you can visit right here in Iowa.

By choosing to explore your own backyard, you not only save time and money but also gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history, natural wonders, and cultural treasures that this state has to offer.

So, whether you’re lounging by a tranquil riverbank, discovering the stories of small-town America, or savoring locally sourced cuisine, Iowa provides the perfect backdrop for a simple, stress-free staycation. It’s a reminder that adventure and relaxation can be found right outside your door, and that sometimes, the best journeys are the ones that lead you home.

As you embark on your staycation adventures in Iowa, remember that the true magic of a staycation lies in the moments you create and the connections you strengthen with loved ones. Whether you choose to explore the historic sites, revel in the natural beauty, or savor the flavors of Iowa, it’s the shared experiences and the appreciation of your surroundings that make these moments special.

So, pack your sense of curiosity, your spirit of adventure, and your desire for relaxation. Let your Iowa staycation become a treasured chapter in the story of your life. Here’s to stress-free getaways, rediscovering the familiar, and finding joy in the simple pleasures of your home state!

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Stress free staycation? Here is a simple guide on how to experience a stress free staycation in Iowa and how to save effort and time for your vacation.

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