Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Use this spring cleaning checklist to guide you in cleaning your home!

spring cleaning checklist for the home

Spring cleaning is the perfect chance to get rid of molds that the winter months have brought in the house. It’s time to clean up all those hard-to-reach areas and nooks, and even do some remodeling or rearranging!

However, we may not have a whole week or a couple of days to spring clean. I’m sure many of us are eager to get this over with but in a way that every room in the house gets thoroughly cleaned.

So here, we have prepared a thorough spring cleaning checklist for each room to guide you. With this, you can also assign tasks easily to your household, making sure that everything that needs to be done will be dealt with.

Let’s do this!

1. Foyer or entryway

spring cleaning checklist for the entryway/foyer

Among all the rooms in the house, the entryway is probably the easiest to clean.

Entryways are usually small unless your house has a large hallway. But did you know that a lot of households often overlook this space when it comes to spring cleaning? Make sure that you do not overlook yours too!

  • Clean the ceiling.
  • Dust lighting fixtures.
  • Sanitize doorknobs and light switches.
  • Wash bench and other furnishings.
  • Declutter and organize coat closet.
  • Wipe entryway table, walls and baseboards.
  • Clean door.
  • Clean doormat.
  • Organize shoes.
  • Hang jackets.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Mop floors.

2. Living room

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house as it is being used every day by everybody in the room. It is also the place where you entertain guests so you must keep it clean all the time.

  • Dust or polish furniture.
  • Wash slipcovers.
  • Wash pillows and blankets.
  • Vacuum sofa and chairs.
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods.
  • Clean window sills.
  • Wash windows.
  • Clean or vacuum curtains.
  • Clean ceiling fans.
  • Dust lampshades and electronics.
  • Dust and clean decor.
  • Sanitize remote controls.
  • Shampoo rugs or carpets.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Mop or vacuum floors.

3. Kitchen

spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen

The kitchen often gets regular cleaning, considering that this is where you prepare your food.

So during spring cleaning, focus on the areas that you do not clean daily. You will soon realize that there are a lot of neglected areas in the kitchen!

  • Clear out and organize the junk drawer if you have one.
  • Clean stovetop, oven and microwave.
  • Clean the dishwasher.
  • Clear out crumbs in the toaster.
  • Declutter and clean refrigerator.
  • Declutter and clean pantry.
  • Clean and clear countertops.
  • Wipe counter appliances.
  • Degrease and disinfect backsplash and cabinet doors.
  • Remove items from cabinets and clean inside.
  • Dust top of high surfaces like refrigerator, range hood, and cabinets.
  • Degrease and deodorize kitchen drain.
  • Clean garbage disposal.
  • Polish faucets and other hardware.
  • Wash dish rags, sponges, and floor rugs.
  • Disinfect cutting boards.
  • Disinfect and sharpen knives.
  • Wash windows and clean window sills.
  • Wipe walls.
  • Wipe baseboards.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Mop floors.
  • Reseal grout lines if needed.

4. Dining Room

spring cleaning checklist for the dining area

Dining rooms are either being used every day or during special occasions only, or when you have guests around. It depends.

But regardless of how often you use the dining room, it needs some cleaning too!

  • Remove items that do not belong in the room.
  • Dust China cabinet and contents.
  • Dust artwork and decor.
  • Wash and press table linens.
  • Polish silver.
  • Dust and polish furniture.
  • Vacuum or spot clean chair cushions.
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods.
  • Clean window sills.
  • Wash windows.
  • Clean or vacuum curtains.
  • Shampoo rugs or carpet.
  • Wipe walls.
  • Wipe baseboards.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Mop or vacuum floors.

5. Bathroom

spring cleaning checklist for the bathroom

You use the bathroom daily so this may be getting its share of cleaning everyday too. So spring cleaning is the time to give the bathroom a more thorough cleaning! Again, focus on those spots that don’t get cleaned regularly.

  • Clean and sanitize doorknobs.
  • Declutter and clean personal care products and medication – check expiration dates.
  • Clean makeup brushes.
  • Clean vanity.
  • Wipe and clean mirror.
  • Clean and disinfect tub, shower and showerhead.
  • Clean glass shower door and walls.
  • Replace shower curtain.
  • Scrub tile grout and reseal if necessary.
  • Disinfect bath toys.
  • Clean and disinfect toilet.
  • Clean hardware.
  • Wash windows and window sills.
  • Wipe and clean walls.
  • Wipe baseboards.
  • Mop floors.

6. Bedrooms

spring cleaning checklist for the bedroom

If you clean your bedrooms regularly, you won’t need to do much here too when it comes to spring cleaning. Focus on decluttering and cleaning up hard-to-reach areas.

  • Remove everything that belongs in another room.
  • Dust or polish furniture.
  • Dust decor or ornaments.
  • Declutter and organize closets.
  • Sanitize doorknobs and light switch.
  • Wipe baseboards.
  • Dust or polish furniture.
  • Declutter and organize closets.
  • Move bed and clean area under the bed.
  • Wash beddings, pillows, and blankets.
  • Refresh mattress with baking soda and flip mattress.
  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Dust and clean lamp shades.
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods.
  • Clean window sills.
  • Wash and wipe mirrors.
  • Clean and vacuum curtains.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Mop or vacuum floors.

7. Kids’ play corner/play room

spring cleaning checklist for the playroom

If your kids have a designated area where they play, whether it is an entire room or just a corner in the living room, you need to pay attention to it too during spring cleaning. Clean and sanitize their toys to get rid of bacteria buildup.

  • Declutter and organize toys.
  • Sanitize toys.
  • Wash stuffed toys.
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs.
  • Sweep floor.
  • Mop or vacuum floors.

8. Home office

home office

The home office may not be such a mess since the kids are usually off-limits to the room but it can still be a good breeding ground for bacteria. It is important that you also pay attention to it for hygienic reasons.

The home office also needs a good organizational system since it can get really cluttered sometimes – especially when you work from home all the time.

  • Remove everything that belongs in another room.
  • Declutter and shred or recycle paperwork.
  • Dust and polish furniture.
  • Dust shelves.
  • Declutter and organize book collection.
  • Declutter and organize an office or school supplies.
  • Dust electronics.
  • Sanitize computer, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Clean electronics.
  • Deep clean carpets or rugs.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Mop and vacuum the floor.

9. Laundry room

spring cleaning checklist for the laundry room

The laundry room is often situated in a concealed part of the house so guests rarely get to see it. Because of this, it is one of the reasons why nobody bothers to organize and clean it.

Lack of attention can lead to musty odors and mold growth in the room. Considering that this is the place where you clean your clothes, you should make sure that this room stays clean and fresh too.

  • Clean washing machine, dryer vent and lint trap.
  • Declutter and organize laundry supplies.
  • Empty and clean cabinets.
  • Wash windows and clean window sills.
  • Clean laundry sink and drain.
  • Polish faucets.
  • Wash the outsides of the washer and dryer.
  • Wash the insides of the washing machine.
  • Clean laundry bags and laundry baskets.
  • Wash windows and clean window sills.
  • Wipe walls.
  • Wipe baseboards.
  • Mop floors.

10. Attic


The attic is also often overlooked. People barely go in there unless they are looking for something – much less clean it regularly.

The storage space above your ceiling is bound to be covered with cobwebs and dust. Spring cleaning is your chance to give it some attention.

  • Clear off dust and cobwebs from the roofs and walls.
  • Open windows to air out the attic.
  • Wash and wipe the windows.
  • Dust boxes and organize items in storage.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Reorganize and arrange the space.

11. Garage


Most of us are guilty of storing random items in the garage. If this is true with you too, then we bet your garage is a haphazard mess. It can benefit from a good cleaning and organization system!

  • Check for black mold.
  • Get rid of junk, broken items, and unused items.
  • Declutter tools and sporting equipment.
  • Organize tools and storage.
  • Wipe clean ceilings, walls, and corners.
  • Clean garage door and door frame.
  • Open garage door to air out the room.
  • Replace batteries in the garage door opener.
  • Clean windows.
  • Wipe walls.
  • Sweep floor.

12. Outdoor area

outdoor area

Spring cleaning must include the outdoor areas of your home too! These are essential parts of your house, especially the front porch since it is the first thing that your guests see when they enter your property.

  • Sweep away cobwebs.
  • Sweep the porch and walkway.
  • Power wash and stain the deck.
  • Wash doors and frames – repaint if needed.
  • Touch up paint.
  • Clean or replace the welcome mat.
  • Clean gutters and repair if needed.
  • Replace broken bricks, stone, or wood.
  • Dust and clean outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Powerwash outdoor furniture (launder cushions).
  • Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees.
  • Check sprinklers and do repairs if needed.
  • Clean and inspect roof – do repairs if needed.
  • Powerwash garbage bins.
  • Wash and wax vehicles and bikes.
  • Clean plant pots and repaint if needed.

Keep spring cleaning simple.

Spring cleaning can be simple and easy as long as you know what needs to be done beforehand.
Print out this spring cleaning checklist and just place a little checkmark beside the items that you have already done!

Spring cleaning does not need to be complicated! With this thorough spring cleaning checklist, you will be able to survive this year’s cleaning session with time to spare!

Even if you are in a rush to get this task over with, take as much time as you need for every task in your spring cleaning checklist. Be realistic with your time frame. If you know it will take more than a day, then do not force yourself to speed up the cleaning process.

Once you see the end results and walk into a cleaner and more organized house, you will be so glad that you took all the time and effort to do your spring cleaning this year!

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A room-by-room spring cleaning checklist for your home - simple and easy to follow!

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