Simple Space Saver Ideas for Your Home

These space saver ideas will definitely make a difference in your home!

Make more space at home and make it a tidier place! Check these ideas!

Are you looking for some way to make more room in your home and have the place looking tidier and neater?

Here is a collection of space saver tips that will help you keep your home neat and find a place for all that stuff that just seems to be scattered about right now.

1. Add shelves where you can.

This takes a lot of work, but it will save you a ton of space!

One of the best ways to clear up floor space is to just move things up onto the wall. You can even keep the head space in the house the same by installing shelves up high on the walls, just above your head.

space saver tip - add shelves where you can

Installing shelves in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and even living rooms can give you a place to store everything without it looking cluttered. One of my favorite shelf ideas is adding a small spice shelf inside the cupboard. This creates a little extra storage space over your dry goods.

Another is adding a butcher block shelf in the kitchen to hold cutting boards and other cooking tools. It not only looks stylish but also keeps your countertops clear for food preparation.

That being said, I recommend storage shelves in any space you can add them where they make sense!

You can create kitchen shelves that can be used to store dry goods, leaving your pantry open for you to store something else there. You can add shelving in the bedroom and eliminate toy boxes entirely and stop storing things under the bed.

There are endless applications for storage shelves, and you can go with single shelves where that makes sense too, or use shelving units where you need to store lots of stuff. 

2. Install racks inside doors.

You have storage space in places you might not even think of! On the inside of your doors, you can install storage racks for just about anything.

space saver tip - install racks inside doors

Inside cupboard doors in the kitchen, you can install storage racks for your cutting boards or cleaning supplies. In the bedroom doors, you can add racks for books, coats, and sporting supplies. Inside the bathroom door, you can add a towel rack or a place to store fragrance.

This is using your real estate wisely.

3. Use office organizers.

Do you have desk drawers full of paper clips, pens, pencils, and sharpeners and feel like you are so disorganized?

space saver tip - use office organizers

You can neatly arrange all of that using desk organizers, like small jars for the writing implements, and little containers for loose items like pins, tacks, and paper clips. Create as much extra space as you like and then move some of those containers to the top of the desk for easy access. 

4. Install clothes rods.

Are you tired of your dresser taking up so much space and want to get rid of it?

Try installing clothes rods in your closet or somewhere else in the bedroom instead. You can hang everything up instead of laying it flat in the drawers.

space saver tip - install rods for clothing

This can save space and make your clothing more organized. It will be lots easier to find what you are looking for, and you won’t need to lift up piles of clothes to locate that one shirt you haven’t worn in a while. 

5. Hang your cleaning supplies.

space saver tip - hang cleaning supplies

If you’re tired of constantly sorting through a closet full of cleaning supplies and having to move a lot of things out of the way to find the few items you need, you may want to try setting up racks, shelves and an over-the-door organizer for your cleaning supply closet.

Store small bottles on shelves or on long racks. Hang brooms, dust pans, mops, and other items on hooks, pegs, or racks.

hang the brooms too!

You can get practically everything off the floor and make your storage closet a place you can move around. That way, you can finally feel like you can handle cleaning yourself, though there’s no shame in calling a cleaning service when the mess in your home gets out of hand, quotes Hailey who interns at Brooklyn Maid Service.

6. Make a couch caddy.

Where did that remote control go? Is it down in the couch again?

couch caddy
Image from Etsy

If you are tired of digging around on the couch to find the TV remote or magazine, there are some advantages to installing a couch caddy. There are some really cute ideas for how to make these yourself. There are also tons of options available on Amazon and Etsy that you can buy already made.

This hangs off the edge of your couch and stores essentials like remote, your beverage, or whatever book you’re reading. This can even take the place of a coffee table and save you some floor space.

7. Put it in an ottoman.

Do you have some extra items just sitting on the floor of the laundry room, bedroom, or some other area of your home? It may be a good idea to place an ottoman there that can be used as a seat and a storage area.

use an ottoman

This space saver idea is one of my favorites, as it does double duty, and modern ottomans just looks so classy and beautiful. Use ottomans to store toys, blankets, knickknacks, puzzles, board games, and much more.

8. Cover it with a cloth.

Have you ever thought how convenient it would be to hide some things under the tables around your house, but worried about how untidy that would look? The solution to that is to hang a tablecloth over the table.

cover table with cloth

This can cover up whatever is stored under the table and keep your home looking attractive, neat, and orderly. Suddenly, you’ve opened up a lot of extra storage space you didn’t have before, and the coffee table, end table, nightstand table, and other little tables around the house can double as storage areas without looking untidy.

9. Make a stack of crates.

One of the simpler storage ideas that can take the place of a bookcase is a stack of crates. This retro style look uses open or closed crates stacked on top of each other and placed side by side to store anything you like.

make a stack of crates

You can move them around easily and rearrange much easier than you would a bookcase.

Yes, you can save space in your home!

These are just a few ideas to get you started organizing your home and creating extra space. These space saver tips may be simple, but doing so can have a large impact on how you feel in your home!

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These simple ideas will help you save space at home, and keep it neat!

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