Add More Storage with Pantry Organization Over the Door

Maximize your space with these clever pantry organization ideas over the door!

pantry organization over the door

When it comes to food storage, every square inch counts – especially when you have limited pantry space.

Whether you are using a room as a pantry, or your kitchen cabinets for food storage, you can use the space at the back of the doors for organizing as well!

Here is a list of some of the best pantry organization ideas over the door that you can apply to your own pantry!

1. Snack station

You know how kids’ snacks come in small packs! Turns out that they are the perfect size to fit in over the door shoe organizers when you take them out of their boxes or plastic bags.

Hang a clear pocket shoe organizer over the pantry door and have your own hanging snack station! Your kids will no longer have to mess up your organized pantry as they look for something to eat.

2. Water bottles

Water bottles can be bulky and you can not stack them. They also come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It is almost impossible to display them neatly or store them in kitchen cabinets without wasting a lot of space.

If you have a huge collection of water bottles, free up some storage shelves in your kitchen cabinets and organize them inside the pantry door instead. Here again, an over-the-door shoe organizer is used to store the water bottles.

3. Chips hanger

You probably have seen these around your grocery stores. You can actually use them at home too, as a tool for pantry organization over the door! It is a great way to hang your chips and other snack packs!

You can actually hang a wide variety of food items with this product so it is a worthy purchase. Hanging products like chips this way also lessens the chances of these chips being crushed.

4. Bottles and jars

Bottles and jars are hard to stack so when you have a shelf that has a lot of vertical space, you can end up wasting too much room. So why not get a strong pantry organizer over the door to store these unstackable items, and make room for more items on the shelves?

You will be surprised at how much space you have left once you keep them out of the way! Just make sure that the rack you get is strong and stable enough to handle the weight.

pantry organization over the door - organizing bottles and jars
image from HOMEDIT

5. Spice rack organizer

Got a huge spice collection? These take up a lot of your countertop space, right?

Free up some space by storing them inside your pantry door! After all, you only need a few spices every time you cook a meal, so yes you can survive even when they are not near the stove. There are many over-the-door spice rack organizers that can help you pull this off neatly.

pantry organization over the door - spice rack organizer
image from HOMEDIT

6. Magnetic spice rack

Here is another way to organize your spices inside the pantry door!

This is a DIY magnetic spice rack. The spices are transferred to these mini magnetic containers.

Now, since you will be transferring them from their original containers, do not forget to add labels to avoid confusion! Also, keep note of the expiration dates.

7. Condiments

You can organize your condiments over the pantry door for easy access and storage. Use over the door organizers with clear pockets. These will allow you to easily see what you need.

pantry organization over the door - a place to store your condiments
image from DH GATE

8. Canned goods

Canned goods also occupy a lot of space. Give room for other items by placing the lighter canned products in the pantry door.

Hang a strong and stable wire rack and use that as an additional storage space for your canned goods!

pantry organization over the door - for the lighter weight canned goods
image from DIY NETWORK

9. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables may also be stored over the pantry door. Get an over the door rack and then hang baskets for your fruits and veggies!

10. Pot lids rack

If you organize your pots inside the pantry too, save space by stacking them and, storing the lids on the inside of the pantry door.

Simply install a few racks for the lids.

pantry organization over the door - organize pot lids rack

11. Chopping boards and trays

Items like chopping boards and trays take up a lot of space in kitchen drawers and cabinets. Plus, it is a hassle to get them off each other – they make a lot of noise and it can be really annoying.

Keep them out of the way by organizing them behind pantry doors with a rack like this one.

12. Kitchen towels

You can use the inside of your pantry door to also hang your kitchen towels and other kitchen linens. All you have to do is get your hands on an over the door towel rack like this one.

kitchen towels
image from WALMART

13. Food storage bags and wraps

You can always recycle magazine holders to hold food storage items like aluminum foil, plastic wraps, zip lock bags, plastic bags, and more. These items come in boxes that can easily fit in magazine holders. Or you may purchase over the door racks for these items.

food storage bags and wraps
image from OMG HOME DECOR

14. Food storage bags and wraps to go

Here is another useful way to organize your food storage bags and wraps behind your pantry door. Install towel racks for each one and now they can be displayed in a way that you can just grab and go!

food storage bags and wraps to go
image from SHEECHO19

15. Take-out menus

Take-out menus can end up occupying your junk drawer or cluttering your refrigerator. Do this DIY project and you can have them all in one place without making a mess!

Stick a clear folder on the inside of your pantry door. It is very simple!

16. Recipe clipping and coupons

Are you the type who clips a lot of recipes or stock up on coupons? Use a pantry organizer over the door for these so they do not clutter your refrigerator surface or kitchen drawers.

Use soft fabric organizers like this one for that purpose! You may also use this to store your bills, letters, receipts, and other paperwork.

recipe clippings and coupons
image from DESERT CART

17. Cookbooks

Cookbooks can easily accumulate in the kitchen and you do not want to have a mini library in there. So select your favorite ones and place them inside your pantry door! This will keep your cookbooks from occupying precious countertop space or kitchen shelf space.

Look for a rack that you can just hang over the door. Make sure that the rack can handle the weight of your books.

Or, if you want to save money, create these DIY book slings that you can easily install behind your pantry door. These are really cute and feminine!

cook books
image from RENGUSUK

18. Chalkboard grocery list

Paint the inside of your pantry doors with chalkboard paint and turn that into an official place for the grocery list where family members can write down what they need for your next grocery run.

This way, when your household opens the pantry to get something and find that it’s out of stock, they just have to write it down on the door.

19. Whiteboard grocery list

If you like the idea above but you do not want to deal with chalk, you can use a whiteboard instead and simply hang markers next to it.

20. Command center

It turns out that the pantry door is not just for the grocery list.

Since everybody uses the pantry, it’s also a great place to be a command center where you can keep notes and keep track of important appointments. Members of your household will see your notes once they open the door!

Just like the grocery list, pull this off by installing a magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard, or corkboard behind the cabinet door.

command center
image from MY BASHFUL LIFE

Having a designated command center will also help your refrigerator look neat and clean instead of the usual clutter of paperwork that covers up its surface. It also keeps your notes and appointments safe from curious visitors.

Pantry organization over the door makes a lot of difference in keeping things under control.

As you can see, you can have additional storage by using over the pantry door storage solutions just like the ones mentioned above! You can even use these over the door organizers for other rooms in your house like the bathroom, the bedroom, and your home office!

By implementing some of the pantry organization ideas mentioned above, we’re confident that you’ll have more space for your food items or kitchen items, and well, that’s just because you maximized that over the door space!

Looking for more organizing solutions for your pantry? Check these out!

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Looking for more space in your kitchen? The pantry door just might be what you need! Check out these pantry organization ideas over the door!

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