35 Easy & Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for Busy SAHMs

Organize your week with these minimalist weekly spread ideas that you can easily recreate in your own bullet journal!

Easy & Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for Busy SAHMs

Being a stay-at-home mom is not as easy breezy as most people think. Running a house and taking care of the kids all on your own is hard and important work. Then what if you run a small online business or homeschool the kids too?

If you are a stay-at-home mom and find it difficult to keep everything under your nose, having a bullet journal can help you stay organized and on top of things.

Now I know you are thinking that you are already busy with a lot of things. How will you find the time to maintain a bullet journal?

Bullet journals are actually easy to absorb as part of your daily routine – especially when you go for minimalist spreads. Working on them is actually therapeutic. Plus, they can help you a lot in monitoring your household.

There are many spreads that tackle various areas of your life as a stay-at-home mom. But to start, here are minimalist bullet journal weekly spread ideas to help your days every week.

1. Weekly planner

This is a very simple weekly layout where two pages are divided into five rows each.

On the first page, there is the month and the year on top, and on the second page, the week of the year on top. For the rest, the first letter of the day is on the left side and the date is on the right.

There is an extra row on the second page that you can use for notes. Stamps were used to create a uniform and neat text, but you can easily pull this off with handwriting as well.

2. Six-in-one weekly spread

This minimalist bullet journal weekly spread lets you keep track of six things.

There’s space for your weekly schedule, a menu plan, a habit tracker, a gratitude box, a self-care box, and a highlight box for the kids.

Also add a box for each of your kids and simply use their initials for labeling. Like in this layout, the creator has two kids whose names start with “R” and “T”. Pretty efficient for a busy mom, right?

 Six-in-one weekly spread by @dots.lines.pages
Image from: Dots.Lines.Pages

3. Weekly housework

Keep track of your daily chores with this minimalist BuJo weekly spread. You can easily see all the work you have to do around the house for the week.

You can go without the colors and doodles for a more minimalist take on this weekly layout.

Weekly housework by Square Lime Designs
Image from: Square line

4. Personal and work weekly spread

If you are a stay-at-home mom and also working from home, or you have an online business, this is a great weekly spread to try.

The first page is for personal appointments and a to-do list for the home. Then the second page is for work appointments and also a to-do list for work.

The layout is very simple and easy to follow.

Image from: All About Planners

5. Weekly home school tracker

For stay-at-home moms who also do homeschooling for the kids, here is a useful bullet journal for you.

There is a space for lesson planning for the week, a reading log, and a daily checklist tracker. Use this to keep track of what your kids should be during homeschool.

Weekly home school tracker by School Nest
Image from: School nest

6. Weekly planner

This is another simple weekly spread that uses up two pages of your bullet journal. The big numbers are the dates and then the day is written beneath them. Then place other notes and reminders on the extra square.

It’s a weekly spread that is quick to do and easy to maintain!

7. Weekly schedule and tasks spread

This minimalist weekly spread allows you to write down your schedule and tasks. The space with the arrows is for the tasks while the space with the dates is for your schedule.

The upwards arrow is for tasks that must be done in the current week. Then, the space with the sidewards arrow is for tasks that can be done next week.

8. Habit tracker weekly spread

It’s true that when you are a busy mom, a lot of things can slip your mind. Even the things that you do every day can easily be forgotten when something unexpected comes up.

Most of these things are about self-care. Remember – you can’t pour from an empty cup! So, here’s a weekly habit tracker to remind yourself about the things that you should do daily to take care of yourself.

Yes, momma, please take care of yourself too.

9. Four-in-one weekly spread

This minimalist bullet journal weekly spread comes with space for your schedule, a Do Not Forget box, and weekly trackers for chores and habits, and a to-do list.

Now, that’s a lot in one layout! But you basically get to see everything you need for the week in just those two pages. This is a great layout when you have many things to keep track of every week!

10. Weekly log

This weekly log is unique yet simple. Dates of the week are at the center of the two-page spread. Then the short vertical lines above or below the dates indicate the direction of the notes. It shows the tasks for that certain day.

Use an arrow for reminders that need to be done on the following week.

11. Weekly schedule

If you just don’t have as much time to work on your layout, you can try this minimalist weekly spread for your schedule. The only thing you need is a ruler to create the boxes.

Write the month on the top of the first page. Then write the dates of the week on the top of the second page. The extra box can be used for any notes you need to make for that week.

12. Time-sensitive weekly spread

If you are a super busy mom with time-sensitive plans, this minimal weekly spread is a good idea for you.

Use two pages for the weekly schedule. Each box has the hours on the side, then the date and day on top.

On the first page, include a box for notes and a mini calendar for the current month. If you’re wondering what the number 30 on the second page stands for, it means week 30 of the year.

13. Relaxed weekend weekly spread

This weekly spread works best when you do not have much to do during the weekends.

As you can see, the spaces allotted for Saturday and Sunday are smaller. This minimalist weekly spread also comes with a mini calendar for the current month.

Just look how neat this bullet journal spread is – it really helps to have very neat handwriting!

14. All-in-one tracker

This weekly tracker lets you take note of your schedule and a day recap on one page. Write your schedule inside the box part. Then write a recap of your day beside (that space without a box).

The other page lets you take note of the weather, gym time, water intake, and energy levels. You may also add a space for notes at the bottom.

15. Highlighted weekly spread

This weekly spread allows you to add some pop of color by using one highlighter along the spread. But you can also pull this off without the highlighter if you prefer a black-and-white layout.

The top part of the pages is for schedules, and you can write your tasks for the day on the bottom part. Also add a notes space for any concern you may have for that week.

16. One page weekly log

This is indeed a minimalist weekly spread – you simply divide one page into rows. It helps if you know some calligraphy so you can pull off this look too. But you can also simply use a simple script!

17. Detailed weekly setup

If you want to make the most of your bullet journal, you will fall in love with this weekly spread. It practically has everything you need as a busy mom. It has even the space to jot down what outfit you wore for the day if you are very conscious about not repeating outfits.

Visit the blog post to get all the details involved in this packed layout!

Detailed weekly setup by Kate Louise
Image from: Kate Louise

18. Minimalist columns

This one-page layout is very simple and neat. Just divide the page into three columns and then divide those columns into two. Weekend space is limited here, so this works great too when you have a relaxed weekend schedule.

19. Five in one weekly spread

This weekly bujo spread comes with a weekly log and a space to list down your goals for the week. On the second page, there is a habit tracker, a to-do list, and a shopping list. That’s almost everything a mom needs to keep track of in a week!

 Five in one weekly spread by All About Planners
Image from: All About Planners

20. Task list and priorities

This bullet journal layout has a master task list on the first page for work, chores, self-care, and personal relationships. The next page is where you keep track of your daily priorities for the week.

Each day is divided into AM and PM for easy scheduling.

21. Weekly log with menu planner and habit tracker

This weekly spread is very simple. You have the weekly log in the center. The first page has a column on the side for a mini-calendar of the month, doodle space, and habit tracker.

The second page has a column for a weekly planner. There is space on the bottom for notes for the next week.

 Weekly log with menu planner and habit tracker by Hayley E. Frerichs
Image from: Hayley E. Frerichs

22. Plain and minimal weekly spread

This is probably one of the most minimal spreads on this list. As you can see, you do not even need to do much. The weekly log can fit one page and you can basically just write anything you want to take note of under the day involved. No need for rulers or fancy handwriting!

23. Tiny three-in-one weekly tracker

This minimalist weekly spread proves that you can track anything even in a small notebook. On one page, you can keep track of your schedule. On the next page, the space is used for habit tracking and a daily to-do list for the week.

It’s a great spread to use for a small and simple bullet journal that you can carry around with you anywhere you go!

24. Weekly log and to-do list

You can easily create this weekly minimalist spread in a few minutes. It looks clean and gives you the basics – a to-do list and a weekly log where you can jot down your schedule and notes. There is also space for a mini-calendar of the month on top.

25. Weekly workout schedule and meal plan

For moms who like to stay in shape, here is a minimalist weekly spread that lets you keep track of your workout routine and your meals for the week. All the information you need can be seen at a glance.

26. Time blocking weekly spread

In this bullet journal spread the weekly log is divided into two rows. The top one is a to-do list and the second row is a time block space for easy reference when it comes to your schedule. There is also enough space at the bottom to indicate what you want to focus on for the week and important notes.

 Time blocking weekly spread by Type B Planner
IMage from: Type B Planner

27. Weekly tracker and lists

This is a simple layout that lets you track several things for the week. There is a space for tasks, events, and snacks in the weekly log. On top of the two-page spread there are boxes for Deadlines and Important notes, To-Do lists, To-Buy lists, and notes for the following week.

Weekly tracker and lists by bujo_brainstorm
Image from: Reddit

28. Geometric weekly spread

This is a creative yet minimalist weekly spread that you can easily copy. Instead of the usual bozes, use triangles instead! Four triangles are made on each page giving you an extra triangle to write down your notes for the week.

29. Notes and weekly log

If you are the type that loves to jot down notes and thoughts this is the weekly spread for you. there are boxes for the weekly log and you have space to write down notes, tasks, goals, inspiration, and notes for the future.

 Notes and weekly log by Karie Westermann
Image from: Karie Bookish

30. Weekly spread with quote

This minimalist weekly spread looks very neat. The two-page spread gives you enough space for your weekly log. Plus, if you like quotes or words of affirmation to inspire you for the week, you can place them on the bottom part of the page.

31. Weekly log and trackers

If you want to squeeze in everything you can in a two-page spread, this is the weekly spread for you. Aside from a weekly log, there are trackers for the weather and how your temperature is.

There is also a space where you can track the hours you sleep, work, and many more in a week. Then there’s health and daily routine tracker, and a generous space for tasks.

The bottom part of the second page is for job hunting but you can use it for other things as well.

 Weekly log and trackers by @craftyenginerd
Image from: Craftbyengineerd

32. Horizontal lines and quote

This weekly spread looks very neat. You can easily pull it off with just a ruler. Divide the pages into four rows. You can use the last row to put a quote or words of affirmation as inspiration for the week.

 Horizontal lines and quote by @bea.drawings
Image from bea.drawings

33. Productive week spread

For Moms who do A LOT in a week, this is the weekly spread for you. The weekly log is divided into two columns – one for events where you can write down activities or events that your kids are involved in. And the other column is a to-do list for that certain day.

There is another To-do list on the second page for tasks for the week that do not have a certain deadline. This spread has a weekly habit tracker. There is a work column also that you can use if you work from home or run an online business.

Productive week spread by Type B Planner
Image from: Type B. Planner

34. Weekly spending tracker

For the budget-conscious mom, this weekly tracker gives you a good idea of how much you have been spending each week. The original layout also uses colors to categorize the spending.

If you want a minimalist and plain black-and-white spread, you can choose patterns that you can draw instead.

 Weekly spending tracker by Life's Carousel
Image from: Life’s Carousel

35. Weekly gratitude journal

It helps to make time for gratitude as a busy Mom. Finding the things that you feel grateful for makes you appreciate your life more. This one is actually a printed layout but it is simple enough for you to create by hand in your bujo.

The spread makes you list three things to be grateful for each day, a quote of the week, the wins you had for the week, what you are looking forward to for the next week, and a box for any thoughts and reflections about the week you had.

 Weekly gratitude journal by Digital Download
Image from: Etsy

Stay on top of things with these minimalist weekly spread ideas!

With these weekly spreads, you can stay on top of things whether it comes to your schedule, running the house, or keeping track of the kids.

If there are portions that you think you do not need, simply replace them with something else. Indeed, the best thing about doing your own bullet journal spreads is that you can customize them to your needs and liking!

Way to go Momma!

Looking for more ideas to help you organize your week as a SAHM? Check these out!

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