Matching Family Clothing Ideas: A Really Fun Way to Bond!

Matching clothes with your family: Why you should try it, plus ideas!

Matching clothes with your family can be an excellent way of creating a sense of togetherness while having a ton of fun. Family photos can also come out great when all of you are wearing the same outfit or the same colors and patterns. 

If you’ve decided to match outfits with your husband and children for a vacation, an outing, or a photo shoot, it’s time to brainstorm some cool matching family clothing ideas. Show the world how strong a bond you have as a family by choosing clothing items as a single unit!

Here are some matching family clothing ideas that you could use.

1. Disney-themed T-shirts

One of the cutest matching outfits you can get for your family is Disney-themed clothing such as t-shirts.

For example, you can buy the ones that have “Mama Mouse” printed on one, “Papa Mouse” printed on the second, and “Mini Mouse” t-shirts for your children. These matching clothing options are very popular in the market, so it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on them.

Alternatively, you could also have these t-shirts custom designed for you. This way, you’d be able to decide exactly how the final outfit looks. 

2. Who’s Who T-shirts

Another quirky way of matching outfits with your family is getting t-shirts that mention who’s who in the family. There are plenty of sets that have “Mom,” “Dad,” “Oldest Child,” “Middle Child”, and “Youngest Child” written with funny quotes and catchphrases under them.

Let’s say the mother of the family has the habit of saying, “Because I said so,” you can get that printed on a t-shirt to give a personal touch to the outfit. The same can be done for all the family members, with their unique catchphrases written under their identity.

It’s a very cool and quirky way to match your outfits. We can’t think of a better way to dress with your family on vacation!

3. Matching onesies

Onesies have to be the comfiest outfits in the world, which explains why babies love them!

Now love for onesies is not limited to infants alone. A lot of clothing outlets sell eye-catching onesies for adults too. 

A lot of them also have a range of matching outfits for couples and families. Wearing identical onesies is an excellent way of matching clothes with your family. You can choose from several color and pattern options.

There are also numerous themed onesies to select from as well, such as panda onesies that have a panda’s face for the hood. Or maybe you could buy pop cultural onesies like Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, or Disney onesies. 

4. Matching colors

If you want to match outfits with your family but still want all members to flaunt their personal style and preference, then we’d advise you to match colors rather than the whole outfits. Let’s say your daughter wants to wear a frock while your son wants to don a tiny suit. 

Rather than asking them to wear similar outfits, you can select a color theme, like yellow and white. They can wear Yellow Maxi, or a white shirt and a yellow jacket with yellow pants. Another outfit idea is a white t-shirt with a yellow flared skirt or a wrap skirt, or any clothing item you love.

The only rule is the color needs to be the same.  

5. Custom hoodies

Custom hoodies are comfortable, breathable, and fun. You’d definitely need a hoodie to avoid frostbite if it’s chilly outside. Why not invest in custom ones when you’re planning on buying hoodies anyway?

You can choose the colors and design of the hoodie and match it with your family members accordingly. Again, you can go for quirky and funny quotes or stick to theme hoodies. You can mix and match as well if you desire a bit of contrast.

Why You Should Match Outfits With Your Family 

Some would say matching outfits with the family is a bit corny, but it can be really fun if you give it a chance and you don’t let the general opinion sway you.

Here are reasons why families love matching outfits. If you haven’t tried it yet, these should be enough to convince you to wear matching outfits with your family!

1. It helps you bond with each other.

Wearing the same outfits once in a while can help your family members bond. This is especially apt if you have little children!

The whole experience of coordinating what clothes and accessories to wear can be a memorable experience that would probably remain with your children for the rest of their lives. If not, the pictures would serve as the perfect reminder!

2. It creates a feeling of unity.

Wearing identical outfits can indeed inspire feelings of unity and togetherness. Think of how sports teams wear the same outfit for each of their games. It conveys unity and fraternity and shows the world that they are part of a team.

You and your family members are part of a team as well, so there’s no harm in donning your uniforms once in a while. Twin with your partner, or match with your whole family, the choice is yours, but the innate feeling of togetherness remains the same. 

3. Let’s face it – it’s enjoyable!

If not for any other reason, matching outfits is a fun experience, especially if you are wearing something as quirky as onesies. This is a very simple way to add spice to your family life. And yes, your kids will love it!

Ready to match?

I’ve always thought that matching family clothing is just silly and over the top. I mean, you don’t have to, right?

Well… that was when I was still single.

Now that I’m a Mama, watching my little boy smile with glee everyday just makes me want to give him every experience that’s enjoyable and will make him feel loved. So yes, matching family clothing is now included in my list of fun ideas for our little family!

Even selecting the clothes together is already a fun experience!

So, now that you have a list of diverse matching family clothing ideas, it’s time to design your own clothing and have personalized outfits for any occasion, including family photoshoots. 

I tell you, you won’t be disappointed!

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