Simple Tips for Long-Term Weight Management

simple tips for long-term weight management

Weight management is a journey that often comprises of countless attempts. To illustrate, a survey conducted by OnePoll revealed that 91% of Americans had tried at least one method for weight loss, with half reporting that they’ve tried 11 different strategies.

For many of these respondents, managing their weight is unsustainable. It’s not just because of the sacrifices it entails, but also because it is overwhelming to keep the weight off.

That said, it isn’t impossible to lose weight sustainably as long as you adopt healthy lifestyle habits into your everyday routine. Below, this article has listed four essential tips that can help you pursue long-term weight management.

1. Increase your fluid intake.

increase fluid intake

Our post on healthy eating habits points out that drinking a lot of fluids will aid digestion. This prevents waste from building up in your body. In addition, it can also promote feelings of fullness.

Ideally, it’s recommended that you consume a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water per day. However, your fluid intake isn’t limited to water as there are other beverages that can complement your weight loss efforts.

For instance, a Frontiers in Nutrition study on obesity reveals that green tea can help circumvent weight gain. This is because it contains an antioxidant called catechin, which supports the breakdown of excess body fat.

All these considered, remember that upping your fluid intake is an easy and effective means to lose weight sustainably!

2. Maintain a balanced diet.

maintain a balanced diet

According to a 2022 Ohio State Health & Discovery feature on long-term weight management, 95% of dieters who focus on restricting calories end up regaining the weight they lost within two years.

Restrictive diets can be detrimental to your long-term weight loss plans. That’s because it can lead to a slower metabolism and increased feelings of hunger.

Instead of giving up your favorite foods, sustainable weight loss programs encourage you to focus on consuming nutrient-rich foods and adopting the correct portion sizes. This approach enables you to regulate instances of late-night snacking or stress eating.

So, on that note, feel free to indulge in ice cream as long as you balance this with foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as eggs, fruits, non-starchy veggies, and yogurt.

3. Get regular physical activity.

get regular physical activity

Physical activity is essential in any long-term weight management plan. This comes as no surprise, as the referenced OnePoll survey showed that 42% of individuals wanted to be able to do an activity without stopping.

Of course, it may be difficult to follow an exercise routine for an extended period of time. The key is to choose an activity or workout that’s enjoyable so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.

For example, if you love the outdoors, consider jogging through parks, or if you have time, hiking through nature trails. An article on hiking published by MDPI explains that the activity doesn’t only improve your cardiorespiratory fitness. It likewise promotes weight loss.

On the other hand, if you prefer exercising at home, then consider strength training exercises like lunges, plank rows, and squats.

Whichever kind of physical activity you opt for, make sure it’s something that you can follow diligently to achieve your weight loss goals!

4. Have the right support network.

have the right support network

This last point plays a vital role in ensuring you can stick to the abovementioned tips. As shown by a 2022 Health Expectations report on social relationships, your family and friends can influence the adoption of negative health practices related to physical activity, eating, and alcohol intake.

For example, in social gatherings, friends can encourage you to drink more than the recommended amount of alcohol. However, excessive alcohol intake can cause weight gain as it comes with a surplus of calories and stimulates your appetite.

As such, it’s important to have the right support network that can keep you on track with your long-term weight loss goals.

First, talk to your friends and family about the unhealthy habits you want to curb (such as consuming alcohol). In doing so, you can identify those who can help you overcome your struggles from the people that will only fuel unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Yes, you can keep that weight off!

Long-term weight management can be achieved so long as you adhere to healthy lifestyle practices—like getting regular exercise and following a balanced diet—in your weight loss journey.

Indeed, these tips that we have provided are simple and speaks more out of common sense. But these do make a lot of difference!

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Long-term weight management can be achieved so long as you adhere to healthy lifestyle practices. Here are simple things you can do to make a difference!

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