Loft Extension Costs – How to Save When Extending Your Attic

how to save on loft extension costs

A loft extension is also known as an attic extension. It involves adding a habitable space in your attic, typically with some modifications on the roof and the vertical walls of the house.

To avoid putting a lot of weight on the house, constructors avoid using heavy slabs for the floor and instead use wood. 

When executing this project, you should be aware of the loft extension costs so you can prepare a logical budget. This article will help you learn how to save on loft extension costs and execute the project successfully!

How a Loft Extension is Done

A loft extension typically involves adding an extra space beneath the roof of your house. It is easy to make a variety of modifications on pitched roofs while it is almost impossible to charge a contemporary flat roofed house with a slab.

There are various modifications depending on the room and design you want for the extension, and all of them have different loft extension costs.

loft extension

Dormer – This is very common for the UK homes and it is very affordable. It involves adding a vertical dormer on the roof and adding a window to it. Though it looks like a small modification, it needs a lot of financial planning.

Mansard – The loft extension costs for a mansard is slightly higher than that of the dormer. You will need larger vertical walls and more roof addition to bring the entire room higher. It comes with many variations like double mansard and L-shape mansard loft extensions.

Hipped loft extension – This can be complex, especially when doing a hipped to gable. It will attract large loft extension costs, and a proper budget consideration should be done. An expert will advise you on the best application.

A hipped loft extension may allow you to put large windows, a terrace, or a pergola if the costs allow.

How Loft Extensions are Charged

Loft extension costs are going through the roof due to the high cost of materials and hard economic times in general. Modern structural techniques can also be expensive, especially when you want the best designs.

mini living room in attic

Architect’s charges

Have you worked with an architect before? When calculating the loft extension costs, you should include the cost of hiring a professional architect such as Humphreysandsons from the UK.

They charge for drawing plans, making the permit application for you, and supervising the work. They typically charge 15% of the total cost of the project. However, there might be other charges, especially when they help with other services. They split the charges on their invoice for clarity unless you are comfortable with the package charge.

Constructor’s charges

This is the main contractor to work on your project. Most reliable constructors ask about 30% of the total cost of materials, but this may vary depending on the complexity of the loft extension project.

A constructor should not have other hidden charges because they are not likely to offer other services apart from what is covered in the scope, unless there are discussed and agreed changes.

Cost of materials

When buying materials, you should plan well through a professional. Materials vary in price, but you can save by going for modern materials that are affordable.

Most clients compare the prices of materials from different suppliers and see what will give them value for money. You too should do the same.

Permission application cost

Every government around the world charges for permit applications for construction projects. No matter how little the charges are, they need to be budgeted for. So, when planning the loft extension costs, do not forget to factor this in.

Fortunately, these costs are clearly indicated on authorities’ websites. What you might not know are the charges for a consultant who will help you with the applications. But you can always ask.

Miscellaneous costs

Every project has extra costs that are unprecedented. So, when budgeting for the loft extension costs, you should add some percentage for inflation, additional services and materials, and the like.

Some people add 10% of the total known cost of the project, which is a fair estimation.

How to Save When Doing a Loft Extension

The loft extension costs can increase dramatically unless you have a good plan. You can save in many ways, and we will discuss the best options here:

bedroom in attic

Use an architect with a package.

Most architects are now versatile. Apart from just drawing plans, they can also help with permit applications and supervise the project for you. You can also use them as the main consultant and get charged one package price for all these services!

Buy affordable materials.

You can buy materials from many suppliers. But first, you should compare the prices and only go for suppliers who provide value for money. Materials carry the highest loft extension costs, and you can save a lot if you save here. 

Negotiate with the constructor.

You can also reduce the loft extension costs when you negotiate well with the constructor. They can give you a great discount if you have good negotiation skills. Furthermore, they can help you buy affordable materials or connect you with other service providers who will save you money.

Supervise the project.

You can eliminate the use of some service providers and consultants and supervise the project by yourself. However, you should have an understanding of loft construction to avoid missing important things or make costly mistakes.

For small projects, you can save loft extension costs by working closely with the constructor and keeping off other service providers. It is advisable to use all necessary professionals for big and complex projects.

Use modern technology.

Loft extension costs can greatly go down when you use modern construction technologies.

For instance, the use of hollow blocks to make a slab will save money and make the attic light enough for the foundation. Fortunately, there is amazing technology that save on material and other costs when doing a loft!

Yes, you can save on loft extension costs and still achieve excellent results!

For most of us, saving any money is important, especially when on a tight budget. After all, everyone is looking for ways to save.

As you can see, there are things you can do to save money on extending your attic. So, if it’s a project that you’ve been putting off for some time now, perhaps this time, you can make it work!

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You can save on loft extension costs and still achieve excellent results! This article will show you how, with the best options!

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