Kitchen Cabinet Styles in Modern Modular Kitchen

kitchen cabinet styles in modern modular kitchen

The kitchen area is one of the crucial rooms of the house. You prepare all kinds of food in this area. Hence, it plays a significant role in keeping up with your schedule and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in a modern kitchen.

Now kitchen cabinets occupy most of the space in the kitchen and dominate its visual appeal.

Modern kitchen setup includes cabinets that surpass the traditional kitchen design. You build them by putting together multiple modules that are compatible with the kitchen size. Opting for modern kitchen cabinets would maintain the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and ease your cooking procedure.

It is crucial to settle on stylish yet advantageous kitchen cabinets. It must meet your specific needs and requirements, without impacting the overall look of the kitchen.

Hence, this post will guide you towards what you need to look for in kitchen cabinets. This will help you make an informed decision before finalising the purchase.


1. Inset- style

This style of cabinet is designed with doors flushed with face frames. This differentiates it from other types of cabinets.

Inset-style kitchen cabinets are known for their precise symmetry and elegant look. They are regularly correlated with traditional kitchen designs. But they coordinate well with modern kitchen designs too. Their finishing offers a seamless look and sophistication to the overall appearance.

The best part is you can wish to customize it with the use of a beaded insert. The challenging manufacturing process and installation make it expensive compared to other cabinets. If you are planning to finalise it, remember to note that it requires exposed hinges to function properly.

Hence, this may increase the expense and hamper the budget. To avoid such a situation, have clear communication with the workers to know about the count of hinges.

2. Slab – style

Although the slab style and the flat panel kitchens share many similarities, they differ from each other by a slight difference. The flat panel kitchen features a sophisticated flat front panel without any recessed edges. Its uniform and streamlined look make it one of the popular choices among customers.

However, slab kitchen styles are made from one solid piece of material such as laminate, metal or wood. This is what makes it different from the flat panel kitchen designs. Their sleek appeal suits the contemporary style of kitchen ideas and designs.

modern kitchen cabinet

3. Shaker-style

These kinds of cabinets are clean and simple and are designed with flat panel doors. Their natural finishing provides a classic look that sets the standard for modern kitchen styles. They are made from high-quality wood with minimalist hardware, such as pulls or knobs.

Their outstanding characteristics and finishing confirm their quality construction which makes it one of the 10 timeless kitchen cabinet trends. They provide versatile colour options that give you the liberty to choose a favourite colour that suits your kitchen’s appeal.

Their clean finishing and design make the maintenance process easier. The absence of an intricate framework eliminates the chances of accumulation of dirt in hidden areas. Lastly, they provide customizable options like adjusting size, to enhance storage requirements.

4. Louvred kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets feature horizontal slats that allow air circulation throughout the cabinet. These slats can be made from glass, wood or metal. And their opening is supervised based on the level of ventilation.

This is particularly beneficial when you live in humid areas. It is because the process of air circulation would prevent the growth of mould and moisture build-up.

Louvred kitchen cabinets add elegance and sophistication to the space, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

The use of high-quality materials during the manufacturing process also makes it durable and long-lasting. The slats are usually consolidated to stand the test of time. This further protects it against damage.

These cabinets come with a variety of accessible options such as swing doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors. You can choose which would further contribute to easy organization and making the best use of space.

Their characteristics highlighting functionality, style and durability make it one of the recommended options for your kitchen.

modern modular kitchen

5. Thermo foil kitchen cabinet

They are made from a thin layer of vinyl which is then heated further for sealing purposes. The heating creates a strong bond that provides resistance to peeling, fading and chipping. The manufacturing process leads to the outcome of a durable and cost-effective kitchen cabinet.

Thermo foil kitchen cabinets are made from imitation wood and are mostly available in solid colours. They are a cost-effective option for homeowners who are planning to invest in kitchen upgrades without breaking the bank. They are also easier to maintain and do not require a frequent repaint.

You can easily clean these cabinets with the use of soap and water. They are resistant to stains and hence can be considered safe for children and pets. Furthermore, they are procured with the aid of eco-friendly materials. This includes the substrate being crafted from MDF or particleboard which is further made from recycled wood fibres.

Nevertheless, these cabinets show moisture resistance and possess poor heat-resistant qualities. This is why, it is essential to install it away from an oven or heater.

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Choose one that fits your home best.

The trend of kitchen cabinet styles has evolved over the years. Now it offers a wide variety of options to fulfil your specific requirements. Whether you are someone who likes to settle on timeless kitchen cabinets, or classy or sleek ones, modular kitchen designs have it all.

However, if you are not satisfied with the above-discussed options, you can always settle for customized ones. Consult with an experienced designer to get ahead of your plan. The right cabinet style will contribute in providing a functional and comfortable space for cooking and managing kitchen work.

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Modern kitchen cabinets would maintain the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and ease your cooking procedure. Here are various kitchen cabinet styles!

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