Kamado Grill Storage & Cleaning Tips

kamado grill storage and cleaning tips

If you are a grilled food fanatic, you can’t possibly miss a Kamado grill!

But before you acquire one, it is good to have a bird’s eye view of what this cooking tool is – how cool is it, and more importantly, how to store it and keep it clean.

Keeping your cooking tool clean is necessary for it to last longer and for you to have an efficient cooking experience. So let us help you with that!

But first, a little overview…

Why are Kamado grills in demand?

After World War II, the Kamado grill has gradually began to displace the usual barbecues and even metal barbecue grills. Why did this happen?

  • Firstly, an open fire for cooking is a tricky thing. In a ceramic grill, food is not cooked under the influence of fire or coal heat, and not even the heat from a hot frying surface. It is straightforward to spoil the meat. 
  • Secondly, you can cook in a ceramic grill not only in summer. Its peculiarity is that Kamado perfectly keeps the heat even at low temperatures outside.
  • It is difficult not to agree that a ceramic grill can replace many kitchen appliances – an oven, a frying pan, a smokehouse, and a barbecue become almost unnecessary. It means that you have a freed-up place in the kitchen and time for cooking several dishes. 

Accessories for Kamado grills

In addition to the work surfaces, Kamado grills have a whole set of additional accessories. These accessories turn the cooking process into an absolute pleasure!

First, there are comfortable tables made of a variety of materials. For example, for Classic models, a trolley table with a stone coating and many convenient drawers is offered. With this table, the grill automatically turns into an autonomous workplace and at the same time into a storage of valuable things – work surfaces, heat separators, skewers. 

In addition, you can pick up additional accessories:

  • A stone-deep pizza dish
  • A grill for cooking ribs
  • A Dutch cast-iron oven in which you can cook broths and soups
  • A cast-iron wok is ideal for fast roasting both meat and vegetables

The manufacturer has covers for storing the grill and a stand for cooking chicken for all Kamado models. You can buy most accessories separately.

Tips for storing your Kamado grill

If you don’t use the grill for several months in a row (mostly this happens in the cold season), you need to know a few recommendations on keeping it in good condition until warm days.

Not to spoil a grill, you should thoroughly clean the grill before hiding it for the winter. For better cleaning, it will be necessary to heat the grill to the maximum temperature, after which you should scrap the contaminated base off from burnt food residues.

When heated, burnt food is better and easier to move. Brushes will help to clean from ash and ashes. Moreover, some manufacturers of Kamado grills provide a system of self-cleaning in their devices. 

Next, you need to rinse the grill with water. Read the manual in detail to know the exact care and storage requirements. It specifies what and how you can take care of your model. Follow the instructions seriously.

After the grill is clean, it must be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, even one remaining drop of liquid can destroy the material structure of the grill. It is better to dry it outdoors and for a long time.

After you are sure that the grill is dry, it is preferable to remove it indoors. House buildings are well suited for storing your device. Make sure that no moisture will get on it. It is better to cover the grill on top with a unique cover or some waterproof cloth so that the protection is more reliable.

Of course, if you still plan to use the grill in the winter season occasionally, you can store it outdoors, but in no case under the open sky. Try to protect it from atmospheric precipitation, as they will quickly render the grill unusable. In this case, it is better to leave it under a canopy in a unique cover.

On choosing your own Kamado grill

As you can see, Kamado grill is such a great addition to your cooking tools at home. With it, you can have the perfect grill that the whole family will enjoy! But which Kamado-style grill should you choose?

Read this compilation of Kamado grills to get the full picture of what each model is capable of. Then you can choose which is best for your home.

Happy grilling!

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Here are simple tips for storing and cleaning a kamado grill.

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