How to Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

how to keep your solar panels clean

Solar energy is rapidly becoming the new normal. But as more and more homeowners make the switch to solar panels, many are having to take a crash course in solar panel maintenance. Fortunately, caring for solar panels is much easier than it may sound, especially when it comes to keeping your solar panels clean!

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your solar panels clean.

Spray it away.

Due to their slick material and the fact that they generally sit at a bit of an angle, solar panels stay pretty clean all on their own. While exposure to wind and rain is often seen as detrimental, the elements do wonders when it comes to keeping your solar panels free of dust and debris.

That said, over time, dust, pollen, and other fine particles can begin to build up on the surface of your solar panels and cost you a bit of their efficiency. Fortunately, nine times out of ten, cleaning solar panels is as easy as spraying them down with a hose!

Spraying your solar panels with water from time to time will help loosen and wash away any fine particles that can stick to the surface. That said, don’t spray them too hard; your hose can do the job just fine on its own. Busting out something a bit stronger, like a power washer, could damage your solar panels.

Scrub carefully.

While you don’t usually need to worry about cleaning your solar panels, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to do it. Your solar panels are outside, which means they’re exposed to all sorts of potential sticky messes the elements won’t be able to wash away.

Bird dropping, tree sap, and other slightly more adhesive stains might require you to take slightly more extreme measures.

Start by spraying down your solar panels with your hose to get rid of any loose debris. Then fill a bucket with warm water and either solar panel cleaner or a very gentle detergent. Using your soapy mixture and a soft sponge, gently wipe away any sticky residue that may be stuck to your solar panel.

Finally, use your hose to wash away any leftover soap and let your solar panels dry.

Don’t skip regular maintenance!

Finally, the best way to keep your solar panel system clean is by keeping up with their regular maintenance. Now if you can’t handle that yourself, it’s better to hire professionals to do the job.

Not only will they be able to keep your system in perfect working order, but they’ll also have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your solar panels stay sparkly clean and running at 100% efficiency.

So, if you want to ensure your solar panels stay in good condition, consider bringing in a professional team, like Blue Raven Solar Company, to take care of them.

Keep your solar panels clean!

Now that you know more about keeping your solar panels clean, it’s time to get to work making your solar cells shine!

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Keep your solar panels clean! Here's a simple guide to help you!

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