How Do You Style a Bar Area at Home?

how to style a bar area at home

If you dream of having a home bar, you probably already have some home bar ideas you are desperate to bring to life. Socialising from the comfort of your home is a great way to spend your time, and it saves the awful wait and cost of arranging a taxi at the end of the night!

Okay, you might have some cleaning up in the morning, but when you have guests around, there is no better way to impress them than with a fantastic range of drinks served from your stylish home bar.

We have modern home bar ideas for you if you’re asking how you style a home bar.

Display the best bottles and glassware at your home bar.

A good starting point in working out which home bar style is right for you comes with knowing the drink, bottles and glasses you have on display.

drinks in glasses
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You don’t need to show everything you have. Focus on the better or more popular products, and store the rest away. Have your finest liquor bottles, spirits, glasses and mixing ingredients on display, and leave plastic bottles or non-essential items behind the glass or cabinet door.

Bar carts save space and can fit in a corner.

The unseen elements of your bar cart facilities are essential, but they can detract from your overall look. So, for many households, a home bar with shelves and hidden compartments is the best home bar idea you’ll have!

Shelving adds dependability and flexibility to your bar space.

Wine is an essential component of a home bar, and storing your wine is a significant issue. You don’t need a wine room or basement to impress guests, but you want to show-off the best brands and labels.

wine drinks in the home bar
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Shelving features are essential for wine storage, and a wine rack or two around your home bar ensures your wine is safe, secure for all to see.

Take inspiration from the finest wine racks of the world.

There is no harm in taking ideas or inspiration from others, and you can create your personal style by tapping into what you like. Wine bottles add a touch of elegance to a home bar.

You don’t have to entertain guests or socialise to benefit from a well-laid home bar. Sometimes knowing you created a fantastic looking bar is all you need.

Create space and improve your decor.

The exact storage problem is true for wine glasses and glassware. You want people to see these items and think you have a lovely home bar, but you also want a dependable storage solution.

Floating shelves will always be a good idea, helping you hold bottles, and improving the decor. With good shelves, you enjoy more floor space and room to maneuver.

Accessories and essential bar tools should not be far away.

A great home bar or unique drinks cabinet isn’t just about the drinks you serve and the right glass. The right accessories impact the overall experience.

If you have mixology skills, you need a shaker for cocktails. You might also need a masher and a selection of mixer ingredients.

Purchase non-alcoholic options for guests.

Soft options such as pop or alcohol-free products, fruit and dustings for the glass all add class to proceedings, so it is handy to have them around your home bar.

Built in storage solutions make a massive difference to your home bar’s decor. A shaker looks good on the home bar, but other things are best kept out of sight when not in use.

Key features keep your bar looking and feeling fresh.

A mini fridge, a cooler or an ice bucket are essential bar tools that make for a more pleasurable experience for everyone. Creating a cool home bar is one thing, but serving cool drinks is what people want.

A bin is always a great home bar idea.

Not all great ideas are fashionable, some have to be functional. Don’t forget about a bin for beer bottle caps, ring pulls and discarded items.

It is essential to keep your home bar and surrounding area tidy. Whether this is built in or you buy a standalone bin, its presence at the bar or in a corner makes a huge difference.

Bar stools add convenience to a stylish home bar.

Not every bar area requires seating, but if yours does, you need to have a good standard of seats or stools around your home bar. You don’t need a designer brand, but it is a good idea to offer a soft and comfortable place to sit.

bar stools for the home bar
Image from Matt Hoffman via Unsplash

Whether you install permanent seats, flexible bar stools, or you sit around the house, no home bar is complete without a suitable place to sit down. Also, if people sit away from the home bar, invest in a tray or two so they can carry spirits, wine and beer with ease.

Wall art surrounding your home bar is a nice touch.

One of the best ways to style a home bar is to add wall art or features around it. The bar itself should look good, but signs, posters and how you decorate this part of your home impact the overall atmosphere. Here is a great article about accent walls which ties in with this perfectly.

a simple wall art
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A mirror adds a sense of space and reflects light, but it can be a helpful tool to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Running a home bar can be busy, but when you hang a mirror behind it, it give you eyes in the back of your head to see more of what is going on around you.

Good lighting is a key feature of modern styling.

Lighting above your bar and on the walls around the home bar dictates the mood and atmosphere. The right light colour impacts the ambience of your bar. For a romantic setting, choose soft lighting and a dimmer switch.

For a party atmosphere, ceiling disco lights and a disco ball get people in the mood to dance, and help you enjoy any light colour you can dream of!

What will your bar sign say?

Of course, you don’t need a glamorous setting for your bar. A simple sign with the home bar’s name or signs with “bar prices” or in-jokes create a fun atmosphere in this part of your home.

Your home bar is a chance to showcase your style and taste to the world, and whatever you like, you can share it with others.

What living space is your home bar in?

In some homes, the bar space is apparent, and you won’t need to make significant changes to your surroundings. In other properties, you might need to make some adjustments to your living space to maximise the appearance of your home bar.

You don’t need a lot of space for brilliant home bar ideas.

You don’t need a lot of space. A corner bar or a small bar cart is all you need to wow people and entertain in some style.

You also don’t need to buy an extravagant bar unit. A desk and shelves above it give you everything you need to fashion a home bar.

favorite drink in a glass
Image from Johann Trasch via Unsplash

So, the starting point is to think about where you will socialise. Whether it is your living room, dining room or kitchen; if there is a room where you drink indoors, your home bar belongs there.

A bar cart adds flexibility, even suitable for outdoor gatherings.

A bar cart might be a good idea if you are more flexible when socialising.

For example, a bar cart with wheels goes wherever the party is, including outside your home. If you have a patio, a balcony, deck area or even a garage, a home bar space outside is a brilliant way to entertain friends, no matter the weather.

Bring your home bar ideas to life!

When you want a great place to drink beer or wine with friends, a home bar makes entertaining simple. Whether you want a high end home bar, or a simple bar design that makes your house more welcoming, there is no limit on what you can achieve.

We hope these home bar design ideas help you install a sleek bar that you love!

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These home bar ideas will help you style your own bar at home! Socializing and entertaining your guests will be simpler and easier with these tips!

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