27 Guest Bedroom Ideas & Essentials Your Visitors Will Love!

Use this list of guest bedroom ideas and essentials to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home!

Guest bedroom ideas and essentials your visitors will love!

Hospitality is an art every homemaker must learn. Welcoming guests is a norm in home life, especially when you belong in a large family where frequent visits from extended family happens a lot.

Now, it’s not just family who may pay us a visit. Sometimes it’s our closest friends, or our husband’s colleagues and officemates.

Whoever it is, we must be prepared. And one of the best things we can do to make our guests feel at home is to provide them with a nice and cozy place to retreat while they are staying with us.

Henceforth, we have prepared this post full of essential tips and ideas for a guest bedroom – to help you make it a cozy and inviting space for your guests. Doing these will not just make your visitors feel welcome and at home. But surely, they will not forget the warmth of your treatment while they’re staying in your place.

So, let’s do this!

1. Bedroom must be clean and uncluttered.

Bedroom must be clean and uncluttered.
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It feels more relaxing, and you’ll definitely sleep better when the bedroom is clean and uncluttered.

So, before your guest arrives, make sure you declutter the bedroom and clean it well. Also, if you’re using it for other purposes, like for crafting or working, remove your stuff first and give the room a proper cleaning.

2. Make it roomy.

Guest bedroom idea - make it roomy.

Don’t stuff it with too much furnishings, especially when it’s a small guest room. Your guests will appreciate it much when there is extra space where they can open their luggage and extra suitcases.

3. Arrange for a comfortable sleep space.

Arrange for a comfortable sleep space.

Mattress must be good. Then provide blankets and ample pillows for a nice and comfortable sleep. Make sure you have extra pillows and blankets if your guests request for some.

4. Bathroom must be clean too.

Guest will surely love it if the bathroom are clean and organized.

Just like the bedroom, the guest’s bathroom must be clean and uncluttered too. So, make sure you give it a proper cleaning before your guests arrive.

Here are tips for organizing and cleaning the bathroom:

5. Have a clean closet ready.

Clean closet to store their clothes or hang them with hangers.

Declutter and clean the room’s closet, as this will definitely be used by your guests to arrange their clothing. Provide them with a handful of hangers too.

6. Provide empty drawers or shelves.

Empty drawers are helpful to your guest to store some of their necessities.

Also provide empty drawers or shelves where they can place their items outside of their luggage.

7. Have a luggage rack.

Have a luggage racks to organize their clothes inside the luggage.

A place for their luggage is a sure thing your guest will appreciate. With this, they don’t have to constantly bend over to get something from their luggage. This will make their stay even more comfortable.

8. Add hooks in the bedroom.

Guest bedroom idea - add hooks in the bedroom.
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These can be placed behind the door or on the walls. Your guests will use these hooks to hang their keys, coats, handbags, wet towels and the likes.

Just provide these for anything that need hanging.

9. Provide an electrical outlet.

A near socket in their bed for an easy access to electrical if they need to charge their phone.

If at all possible, make this near the bed or the nightstand for easy charging. Also provide an extension wire for extra charging needs.

10. Have a full-length mirror.

Bed storage idea - h

Your guests will want to check on how they look before leaving the room. So, this is something they will really appreciate.

11. Provide bedside essentials.

These guest bedroom ideas include a pitcher of water and some glasses for guests who like a drink of water at night. Also stock the room with their favorite snacks as this will make them feel special.

You may also provide a small alarm clock on the nightstand. This will help your guests to quickly glance at the time when needed.

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12. Include a reading light or a bedside lamp.

guest bedroom ideas - include a reading light or a bedside lamp
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If your guests love to read, they will surely appreciate this! Having a bedside lamp or a reading light allows them to read without having to turn on all the lights in the room. This provides for a more relaxed reading session.

This will also help them navigate the room easily should they wake up in the middle of the night.

13. Lighting that leads to the bathroom.

Lighting that leads to the bathroom.

Just like you, your guests may also need to use the bathroom at night, so this is very important, as they are unfamiliar with your home. This makes it so easy for them to go to the bathroom. And more importantly, it keeps them safe!

14. Provide for some reading materials.

Provide for some reading materials.

These could be magazines and fiction or non-fiction books. Have something ready for them to browse and read while resting.

15. Add a reading nook.

Even better, create a perfect place for reading in the guest bedroom. You can add a chair, a small table or a small desk. They can use this place to read, do a little work, or simply take a snack while resting.

16. Put on some nice curtains or shades.

Put on some nice curtains or shades.

Your guests must be able to rest into their room anytime of the day.

For example, they might want to take a rest right after arrival. Or perhaps they need an afternoon nap. It helps to have curtains or shades to cover the windows for this purpose.

17. Add plants and fresh flowers.

Add plants and fresh flowers.

Plants are nice decor to add in the room. It makes the guest room feel fresher and more natural. Plus, there are numerous benefits of having indoor plants, including better sleeping.

Fresh flowers make your guests feel more welcome and at home. So, take the time to pick some fresh flowers before they arrive.

18. A scented candle is also a nice touch.

A scented candle is also a nice touch.

If you have scented candles, bring them in! They’ll surely add a nice touch to the mood of the room. Pick scents that your guests will like.

19. Provide clean towels and bathroom necessities.

guest bedroom ideas - provide clean towels and bathroom necessities

Put a stack of towels before your guests arrive. Give them big and soft towels. Also include bathroom essentials like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and tissue.

20. Have some snacks ready.

Nuts, biscuits and some chocolates make up for a nice treat for your guests. Don’t forget the chocolates! That will make them feel really special.

21. Have a couple of extras.

Have a couple of extras.
image from Better Homes and Gardens

Again, I have to emphasize, your guests may need a couple of extras. It could be extra blankets, extra towels, extra tissue and toiletries. Always have them readily available.

22. Provide a ceiling fan or a bedside fan.

Provide a ceiling fan or a bedside fan.

Your guests may feel warm, especially when it’s summer when the weather is hot. So, provide them with a bedside fan, or install a ceiling fan in the guest room for this purpose.

23. Include a hair dryer.

Guest bedroom ideas - include a hair dryer.

Your guests will appreciate it a lot when you have a hair dryer ready for them as they may not be able to bring one along.

24. Provide a laundry hamper.

Guest bedroom ideas - provide a laundry hamper.

Give them a place to put dirty towels and linens. And let them know about it so they don’t have to ask.

25. Provide your Wi-Fi password.

Make your Wi-Fi password visible for your guests. Print it and simply post it on the wall or put it in a picture frame to make it more presentable.

26. Place a notepad and a pen on the nightstand.

Place a notepad and a pen on the nightstand.

Your guests may need to scribble a few notes, so have a notepad and pen ready on their nightstand. They can write anytime!

27. Provide a trash can.

Provide a trash can.

Let your guests know where they can throw their trash. Clean it before they arrive. Then make sure to empty it when they leave.

Treat your guests well.

Your guests will feel it when you really exert effort to make them feel welcome in your home. Again, one of the best things you can do, is to make the guest room clean and nice so they can have a comfortable stay. With these guest bedroom ideas above, we’re confident you’ll be able to do it!

How about you? What other guest bedroom ideas do you know? Share them in the comments!

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Make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your place. Here are essential tips and ideas for a guest bedroom, for a cozy and inviting space!

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