My FIRST EVER Income Report: How I Made $297.18 This Month Blogging from Home

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I can’t believe I am now writing an income report!

Flashback a year ago…

I just left our accounting firm. I was jobless.

But before I left the corporate world I already knew that I could make money blogging from home because many are already doing it.

I just had to figure out how to do it too and put all my attention to it.

But what should I be focusing on? I really didn’t know what to do.

I was searching for every blog there is that could show me how in the world am I really going to make money blogging from home.

Every blogger seem to have different opinions.

Now I know why – because there are many things you can do to build a successful blog.

There are specific paths. Some are long. Some are short.

But eventually, they all lead to one thing – making money blogging.

The problem is… if you are just a beginner, all these things will confuse you. And you will think that you have to do EVERYTHING just to see that first $100 coming in.

Thankfully, I ran into Scrivs’ That blog gave me clarity.

Finally, I found an answer as to what should I really be focusing on, how should I approach this blogging thing.

Eventually I signed up to his Free 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp.

The next thing I knew, I was already prepping to launch Simple Life of a Lady.

And launch it I did… with just ONE blog post.

Back to the present…

I am now writing an income report – my very first month of earning money from home.

Compared to the thousands of dollars other bloggers make, this isn’t much. But for a beginner like me, who is FINALLY making money from home, after one year of blogging, this is huge!

This does not only feel like I’m finally reaping what I planted. It is the start of a brand new life, a life which was once but a dream for me.

You can make money blogging too. At the comforts of your own home.

When I was just starting out, I also looked for income reports and I’ve read many, from different bloggers.

I am very thankful that they post their income online. That was one of my inspirations when I was not yet earning. Until today, they continue to be my inspiration.

Income reports show us that it’s possible to make money from home. Not just income on the side but full time income!

For most of us, this isn’t about the money. This means freedom – freedom from our employers; freedom with our time – which we can finally spend a lot on family.

Freedom from our own self-limiting beliefs.

That is also the goal of this income report… to inspire you and to show you that if you really put in the effort, it is very possible to make money blogging.

So let’s jump right into the figures!

Income and Expense for February 2019

Revenue from Mediavine: $297.18


Siteground Hosting(Growbig): $19.95 (paid annually)

Profit: $277.23

Income from ads through Mediavine is my sole source of blog income for now.

Mediavine pays after 65 days, so this income will be received on May.

As for the expense, I only have Siteground.

The renewal fee for the Growbig account is at $19.95 per month. But upon renewal, Siteground requires you to pay for a whole year’s price. That’s $239.40.

However, in this report, I only included $19.95 because that’s the amount pertaining to just one month. It will not give the right picture if I charge the whole year’s amount only on February’s income.

Investments Made

Just like any business, you need to spend money to put up your blog. But you should not see these as expenses. Rather, these are investments.

Here’s a breakdown of what I spent on building Simple Life of a Lady from scratch.

Domain Name: $15.76

Siteground Hosting(Growbig): $71.40

Tailwind: $104.88

Boardbooster: $34.84

Dare to Conquer: Dating Pinterest (I first bought it when it was just an Ebook known as Billionaire Blogging Pinterest Manual): $39

Membership fee for Dare to Conquer (formerly Billionaire Blog Club): $397.00

Total Cost of Investment: $662.88

As of February 2019, I’ve already recovered $277.23 (the profit) of what I initially spent on this blog.

If this trend continues, by May 2019, I have already recovered my initial capital.

Although I spent a year without earning an income, now that it is already making money, I can say that every penny, time and effort exerted to make this site work were all worth it!

Traffic and Social Media

Here’s a screenshot from my Google Analytics for February 2019:

My average RPM for the month was $7.39.

RPM simply means that for every 1,000 sessions, I’m earning $7.39.

Here are the sources of that sessions:

  • Social: 38,004
  • Direct: 1,962
  • Organic Search: 187
  • Referral: 55

As you can see, majority of my traffic came from Social Media – Pinterest in particular.

Of the 38,004 sessions I got from Social Media, 37,815 came from Pinterest.

How Did I Do It?

Getting to 25k sessions to be able to apply to Mediavine was not a smooth ride.

But compared to affiliate marketing and selling my own products (I have no products to sell yet), this proved to be the easiest for me.

That’s because my only concern was to write as many articles as I could and always pin them on Pinterest until I reach 25k sessions.

Pinterest was my bread and butter. Without it, I wouldn’t have reached this traffic yet.

I used it to research for popular topics in my niche so that I know which topics would give me the best chance of getting enough traffic.

I also pinned everyday with the help of Tailwind. The first few months, I was pinning around 50 pins a day.

Now I only pin around 20 per day. I might increase this again as the need arises, but for now, this will do.

The Courses That Helped Me

There were only three courses that helped me reach this, all from Paul Scrivens.

1. The FREE email series 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp

This guide helped me to finally launch a blog for the first time. It’s what I used to start Simple Life of a Lady.

If you want a comprehensive guide for free, which will help you start your own money-making blog, this is your ultimate resource!

2. Dare to Conquer:Dating Pinterest

This was formerly the ebook, Billionaire Blogging Pinterest Manual.

It is what showed me how to make the most of Pinterest. Every strategy that I implement now on Pinterest, I learned from this course.

I guess I did it right because 94% of my traffic on February came from Pinterest.

Imagine… 94%! Only 6% were from other sources.

I know that I should not be too dependent on Pinterest.

But if you are a beginner, this is the simplest and the easiest to promote your blog and search for topics that you should write about.

What’s great is that you can automate your pinning! There are schedulers like Tailwind that you can use so that you don’t have to be on Pinterest every single time.

When you have achieved a consistent traffic from Pinterest, then you can start focusing on other ways to bring more traffic to your blog, like SEO and email marketing.

Even more so, do not neglect your pins. Always make sure that you have pins scheduled everyday, while you are focusing on other means to get traffic.

3. Dare to Conquer Membership

For a while, I had known that there was a course like Dare to Conquer (formerly Billionaire Blog Club). I would often receive an email from Scrivs saying that the course was open for a week or so before it closed again.

Those messages were ignored because I thought I didn’t need to sign up for such a pricey course (It was at $397 back then).

I thought that I knew what to do and what I needed was only a really nice Pinterest course and everything would be a smooth ride.

Hahaha… what was I even thinking?

Even if I already had the best manual in my hands, with the Pinterest strategies just waiting to be implemented, I would still have this doubt that am I really doing this right?

And if I would do this, for how long should I really do it before I started seeing results?

I needed more clarity and confirmation that I was doing the right thing, that I was on the right path, that soon I would see results for real!

The Path I Took

At Billionaire Blog Club, there were challenges – paths that you could follow. All you had to do was decide which one you should focus on.

That was the clarity I needed.

So I signed up and immediately jumped to Launching Your Blog & Getting 10k Pageviews.

That was the path I needed because my target was to apply to Mediavine and earn money from ads. And for that to happen I needed 25k sessions.

At Dare to Conquer these challenges had been renamed to Journeys. It’s not yet complete because Scrivs rebuilt the courses and the paths, from the ground up, to make them even clearer.

There’s now a journey titled: $1,000+ a month with Ads

That’s where I am right now.

It’s clearer than the previous one at Billionaire Blog Club because this is much more specific.

You can earn $1,000+ a month combining income from ads, affiliate marketing and selling your own product.

But when you say $1,000+ a month with ads, that’s more specific.

It’s better because if that’s what you want, you can focus only on those things that will bring you ad income. You can worry about everything else later.

Dare to Conquer membership fee is at $99 a month right now.

You may say that it’s ridiculous to pay this much every month for a blogging course, but Dare to Conquer have much evolved since it was first launched, and still evolving as Scrivs sees the need to update the courses.

I you’re up for the challenge, Dare to Conquer will help you achieve not just your blogging goals – but conquer every challenge that you face in running an online business.

By the way, the Pinterest course is inside the Dare to Conquer package.

So if you join Dare to Conquer, you don’t have to buy it separately.

What’s next for Simple Life of a Lady?

When I started this blog, I only had one goal in mind – reach 25k sessions and apply to Mediavine.

Now that it’s done, my next goal is to reach $1,000 monthly in gross revenue, particularly from ads, before 2019 ends.

I’ll do this by posting at least ten articles every month. I haven’t done this before. For the past year, I only managed to finish at most five articles every month.

So this is going to be a leapfrog. But that’s okay. This time, I’m going to set the bar higher for myself.

I will now be studying affiliate marketing too and start really working on my SEO.

I won’t be posting monthly income reports. My next income report will be after three months, so that’s in June.

But if this blog reaches the $1,000 monthly income before that (which is really sweet), I will immediately post another income report, showing you how I did it.

If you want to learn how you can start your own money making blog too, here’s another post that you can read now: How to Start a Blog That Makes Money: The Easy Way

Sign up now!

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  1. Susannah

    Hi Em! This is so incredible! We love hearing stories from our publishers, and we’re so glad to be your partner in ad management. Thank you so much for sharing your Mediavine earnings in your income report and congratulations on your amazing growth!
    — Susannah at Mediavine

    1. Em Mendoza Post author

      Hi Susannah! Thank you so much too! You have a very supportive team at Mediavine, very helpful especially for beginners like me who are really not techy. You will always be part of my success!


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