Expert Tips for Grilling Steak

Enjoy eating meat with the best tips on grilling steak!

Summer season is just another name for the backyard grilling season. It is the season when the air swells up with the sweet aroma of the grilled meats. And you are always on the lookout for opportunities to get your hands on a spoonful of that delicious grilled steak!

While it is also super easy to grill steak on your own, it is equally difficult to get your hands on some of the most perfectly tender and succulent grilled steak- the one that oozes with juices and melts in the mouth.

Are you drooling already? Cause we are!

Well, the secret behind the perfect grilled steak lies in the small details. So here we are going to give some expert tips on grilling steak the best way!

Expert tips for grilling steak

Choosing the Right Cut of Meat

One of the most important steps to keep in mind is the cut and kind of meat.

There are several kinds of steak available like ribeye (no bone), rib steak (ribeye with bone), porterhouse and T-bone. Both porterhouse and T-bone are obtained from the loins, however, porterhouse is a larger cut than a T-bone.

Most chefs prefer to go with ribeye as it has no bone and it looks beautiful on the plate after grilling. It also has the right fat marbling content which gives the meat the much-needed juicy flavors.

Any ideal meat cut should have an 80% meat to 20% fat ratio and ribeye is considered one of the best for that. It can be perfectly seared outside with a medium rare center which results in delicious mouth-watering flavors!

If you live in New Zealand, you may start with the finest cuts from a trusted Wellington butcher. These are ideal when it comes to grilling steak to perfection.

Preparation and Marination

Expert tips for grilling steak - preparation and marination tips

Another step to keep in mind is the preparation of the steak before grilling it.

The experts suggest that the steak should at least be one hour outside the refrigerator before it is placed on the grill (in worst case, 30 minutes at least) to get best flavors.

Some chefs suggest that you can season and then chill the steak for best results. You can rub salt and pepper as seasonings on your steak and freeze it overnight for better penetration and infusion of flavors. Then you can take it out of the refrigerator and rest on your kitchen counter at room temperature before grilling.

If you want more flavors, you can also prepare an herb butter sauce (along with salt and pepper) and rub it on the steak. Be sure to add extra salt and pepper as it is difficult to infiltrate and salt is very important for marination.

Also remember to use medium grain sea salt instead of the regular iodized salt. Let the steak rest after you have seasoned it and make sure it is dry before you place it on the grill.

Preparing the Perfect Grill

Expert tips for grilling steak - the best flat top grill

Preparing the perfect grill is of crucial importance and requires due diligence. Too high a heat can char your steak while too slow heat can make it rubbery. So, you will have to be extra careful with the heat of the grill.

Use lighter woods and charcoal for grilling steak. We prefer to use a flat top grill. Check this resource for a detailed guide on choosing the best flat top grill.

Let the coals burn for 20-30 minutes before you place the steak on the grill. That way the coal reaches a consistent temperature.

Lastly, start with clean grates- rub a little oil on the grates before you start grilling.

The perfect temperature for different consistencies is:

120-130° F

130-135° F

140-145° F

150-155° F

160-165° F


Medium Rare


Medium Well


The cooking time for different steaks also vary:

Medium rare ribeye

Medium ribeye

Medium rare sirloin

Medium sirloin

Medium rare filet mignon

Medium filet mignon

5 min each side at 120° F

10 min each side at 135° F

4-5 min each side

5-6 min each side

5-6 min each side

7-8 min each side

To Flip or Not to Flip

Expert tips for grilling steak - to flip or not to flip?

One of the most important questions posed at the time of grilling is whether or not to flip your meat. We bring expert advice for you regarding this!

It is always useful to flip the steak only once. Let one side of the steak cook properly for the stipulated time before you flip it on the other side. If you flip the steak multiple times then more fat oozes out and is lost on the coals which could make the steaks a little dry after grilled.

Charcoal v/s Gas Grill

A charcoal grill is considered better to grill steak. The charcoal adds a more nuanced and smokier flavor to the steaks which is the most delicious. Charcoal also provides a proper charring as compared to the gas grill.

You could also use different flavored woods for enhanced overall taste and flavors. But if not, you can also use a gas grill for the same if a charcoal grill is not available. Just remember to light the grill with the lid open. Do not light it with the lid closed as the accumulation of gas can cause an explosion.

Try it out!

So, here’s all the expert tips for grilling steak. We urge you to go try these out and tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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