Top 5 Best Shower Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom? You can’t go wrong with these top 5 best shower ideas!

Don’t you imagine having a bathroom like in movies, or in bungalows?

A bathroom that is clean, with a flawless shower pan, beautiful shower enclosures, niches and bright walls is everyone’s dream. If you don’t own such a bathroom, then there is nothing to worry about.

Many people have remodeled their bathroom by upgrading it with niche shower enclosures, multifunctional shower boxes and much more. We are here with the 5 shower ideas for bathroom remodeling to make your bathroom look brand new!

1. Build niches in the shower enclosure.

shower ideas for bathroom remodeling - build niches in shower enclosures

It is obvious that you use soaps, conditioners, shampoos, scrubbers and other things while having a shower. Sometimes it gets difficult to access these things from the cabins. 

To get rid of this problem, build niche shower enclosures in your bathroom so you can adjust your bathroom accessories in it. Adding multifunctional shower boxes could be another way to make it spacious and clean. 

2. Blend vintage with modern.

shower ideas for bathroom remodeling - blend vintage with modern

No design gets older until you let it be. For remodeling your bathroom, instead of using modern designs, try out the old antique design patterns. Use some old timber to make draws, add a marble top to the basin and use old-era taps to give it a vintage look.

3. Frameless shower doors for open effect

For a captivating look, and stylish space, use frameless shower glass screen and single swing shower doors during the remodeling of your bathroom. The transparent effect of these shower doors makes your bathroom more open and natural. 

Moreover, the frameless doors have two categories: swinging and sliding shower doors. You can choose any of them according to your choice but sliding shower doors have a little edge over the swinging ones as the swinging ones can allow a little amount of water to seep through the little spaces between the wall and the hinge.

However, the sliding doors are efficient in this scenario. 

4. Black and White Theme

Upgrade your bathroom with the black and white color scheme! Nothing is better than the black and white color scheme for your bathroom or shower box.

Use black fixtures in your white bathroom that give a striking look. Like, you can use black and white tiles, a white tub with black shower and taps, black cabinets, silver hardware with black and white marble, and a black wooden door too. All these upgrades will make your old bathroom look new!

5. Install Shower Box in small space.

If you are struggling with a small space and want to remodel it, then go for a shower box in your bathroom. Install it in the corner of your bathroom with a frameless shower door to make your bathroom look elegant and clean all the time.

Furthermore, you can install a shower-sink combo to deal with your low space area. This idea will work as a shower box along with a sink.

Wrapping Up!

These were some of the shower ideas to remodel your bathroom according to the new standards. This is just an overview of how you can entirely change your bathing space but there are a hundred more ways to do this. Check on different websites the new remodeling ways for bathrooms.

Need more ideas for your bathroom? Check these out!

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Change your bathing space with these top 5 shower ideas for bathroom remodeling!

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