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15 Simple and Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads to Try!

Are you a beginner in using a bullet journal? Do you find those creative layouts too difficult for you? Why not try the minimalist bullet journal spreads instead?

Minimalist bullet Journal cover image

Perhaps you’ve already seen a lot of bullet journal spreads on Pinterest and Instagram and the designs are all beautiful and stunning but… unfortunately… too complicated for you.… Read the rest

How to Declutter on a Low Income

You can declutter even on a low income, but it’s different.

Longing to remove the unnecessary in your life?

How do you do that if you live from paycheck to paycheck?

When you declutter on a low income, it can be really hard because if you happen to throw something that you thought you didn’t need, then find out later on that you still needed it, you will have to spend again.… Read the rest

24 POwerful Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself

decluttering questions

Declutter your home easier and without regret using these 24 powerful decluttering questions.

Decluttering helps in creating a calmer space, a less stressful work environment, and a healthier and happier life… when done right.

That being said, decluttering requires some kind of balance between what you need to keep and how much you can afford to let go.… Read the rest