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20 Creative Bullet Journal Monthly Themes

These bullet journal monthly themes will surely add color and fun to your journal!

bullet journal monthly themes

One great thing about bullet journals is that you can layout and design any spread however you want. But sometimes, uniformity is not that bad.

This is why most bullet journals come up with monthly themes.… Read the rest

Bullet Journal Key: 20 Classic & Simple Designs

bullet journal key

When you look up bullet journals online, you might notice entries with a list of symbols and their corresponding meaning. This is not a strange language that you have to work with. it is called the bullet journal KEY.

When you start creating a bullet journal (or BuJo), one of the first things that you have to create is a bullet journal key.… Read the rest

21 Beautiful Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas

Decorating your home office? Bring out the girl boss in you with these feminine home office decor ideas!

feminine home office decor ideas

For a woman who works at home for so many hours in a day, you deserve a chic office to make you feel more of a girl boss than just a girl trying to make ends meet to survive.… Read the rest

How to Create a Home Office on a Budget

Creating an office at home doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are ideas for setting up a home office on a budget. I’m sure you’ll be able to create yours without having to spend a lot of money!

home office on a budget ideas

Setting up a home office can be a real challenge when you are low on funds.… Read the rest