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How to File & Organize Paid Bills for Easy Reference

Paid bills are among important documents you need to secure. So here are simple systems to help you organize paid bills!

organizing paid bills

Have you found yourself in a situation where you needed a receipt and could not find it anywhere, or that it has turned into a crumpled mess because it was at the bottom of your purse?… Read the rest

Declutter Quotes that will Inspire You to Declutter

Be motivated to get rid of the stuff that you don’t need anymore with these inspiring declutter quotes!

Declutter inspirational quotes

Decluttering does not happen overnight.

It takes a lot of serious decisions and struggling with yourself. Oftentimes, it takes months before you finish decluttering every room in your home.… Read the rest

Declutter Books and Stick Only to What You Read!

A quick guide on how to declutter books so you are left only with the books that you truly enjoy reading!

declutter books

Do you love books?

You probably dreamed of having your own library in your home with a reading nook by the window – where you can read and sip coffee during a rainy day.… Read the rest

Declutter Your Home Checklist Binder

With this Declutter Your Home Checklist Binder, you will be able to declutter your home with confidence because you already have a plan right on your fingertips!

Declutter Your Home Checklist Binder

When you’re too busy to declutter

Not everybody can spare the whole weekend or even one hour or two each day just for decluttering.… Read the rest

Where to Sell Books for Cash After Decluttering

where to sell books for cash

If you are an avid reader and you find one day that you are running out of space because of all the books you have hoarded, now is the time to consider decluttering and selling your used books for cash.

Aside from your favorite titles that you occasionally read again from time to time, you have to admit that there are some books that you will never revisit again.… Read the rest