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5 Habits to Keep Your Ears Healthy as You Age

Start making these changes now to protect your ears and keep them healthy through the years!

how to keep your ears healthy as you age

As we age, our bodies also begin to change and our five senses also begin to lose their sharpness. Our vision, taste, touch, smell, and hearing can all be affected as we get older due to reduced blood flow to the nerve endings which can change or reduce our sensitivity.… Read the rest

Plants for Your Tank and How It Fits with Your Home

plants for your tank

Aquarium plants aren’t just decorative – they help keep your tank clean and provide a natural filtration system for your water.

Choose plants based on your fish’s needs and the design of your aquarium. Start with tall plants in the back, like Vallisneria or Sagittaria grasses, and add low-profile species like Cryptocorynes, dwarf Anubias or mosses to the front.… Read the rest

What is the Best Dog to Own in Your Home?

What is the best dog to own in your home?

Whether you’re looking to adopt a new family pet or you already have one but want to make sure it is the right match, the dog breed that you choose can impact your quality of life.

The best dogs for your home are those that fit your lifestyle and temperament.… Read the rest

How to Train Yourself to Wake Up Early in the Morning

how to train yourself to wake up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning when you have never been a morning person can be very challenging. Even when you set up multiple alarms, you always hit the snooze button until you have to rush preparing for the day.

It makes you wonder how people who wake up hours before they have to go to work manage to be all calm and cheerful while you can’t even bear to give a smile.… Read the rest