A Year in Pixels: Simple Mood Tracker for the Whole Year

A year in pixels mood tracker for the whole year

One of the most popular mood trackers I encountered is the year in pixels layout. Obviously, there are many bullet journalists who prefer it than other mood trackers. And I can understand why.

Why Choose a Year in Pixels Mood Tracker?

First, it’s simple to create. You simply create a grid for the whole year – one block for each day.

Second, it’s easy to update. You simply color one block everyday depending on how you felt on that day.

Third, it’s good for the whole year! Unlike monthly mood trackers, where you have to make a new layout every month, using a year in pixels, you create the mood tracker only once. And that layout will last for the whole year! No need to create another mood tracker every month – everything is already there in just one page!

Fourth, and probably the most useful, you can take a look at your moods for the whole year, in just a glance. So, evaluating your moods is easy.

Fifth, it’s very colorful when you have finished filling up every block for a year.

So, if you’re the type who has no time creating a mood tracker every month, well, a year in pixels might just suit you very well.

How to Make a Year in Pixels Mood Tracker

Basic year in pixels
Image from megansstudies

Creating a year in pixels is indeed very easy.

Simply make a grid in your bullet journal page. Basically, the grid contains 12 columns for the months of the year, then 28 to 31 rows for the days of the month. Then label the columns with the first letter of each month. Also label the rows 1 to 31 for the days.

Now, create a legend of colors to represent your moods.

Write a title on top of the page. Then add some doodles and colors if you like. And that’s it! You’ve got yourself a year in pixels mood tracker! And you may now start using it. As simple as that!

You may find variations to this, but basically, that’s how you make a year in pixels mood tracker.

A Year in Pixels Mood Tracker Layouts

Okay, so now let’s go to the exciting part. Allow us to show you these a year in pixels mood tracker layouts, created by different bullet journal enthusiasts!


1. Basic year in pixels

So, this is how a basic year in pixels look like, when you are done filling it up for the whole year.

basic year in pixels
Image from reddit

2. Two columns per month

If you wish to track your mood twice a day, like one in the morning and one in the afternoon, you may do so by creating two columns for each month. So, you’ll have two blocks to color everyday.

3. Just three colors

Using only three colors to describe your day makes mood tracking a lot simpler.

4. Colorful layout

Don’t you just love those colorful dots? And the combination of the key for the moods are just colorful too!

5. For the Christian woman

Track your mood with an inspiring Bible verse on the next page. This year in pixels in indeed a great addition to a Christian woman’s bullet journal.

6. Using large fonts

It may take up a lot of space, but using large fonts sure makes it very easy to read the moods.

7. Flower-themed

I just love that flower at the bottom. Blends well with the entire mood tracker page!

8. With flower doodles

Here’s another layout using flower theme. But this time, it’s flower doodles. So, if you like drawing flowers, this one’s for you!

9. A year in pixels with a tally

Take a look at that extra grid tallying the number of each mood experienced every month. It makes it even easier to evaluate your moods for the entire year!

a year in pixels with a tally
Image from mindinmylife

10. With an inspirational quote

Including an inspiring quote in your tracker will definitely help lift up your mood when you’re feeling down and demotivated.

a year in pixels with an inspiring quote
Image from Bullet Journal

11. A year in pixels together

You can do this with your husband or boyfriend if it’s fine with him. Make a year in pixels for each of you then update it together everyday! Oh, that’s really sweet!

a year in pixels together
Image from reddit

12. Artistic layout

If you’ve got an artistic hand, by all means bring it out and draw around your year in pixels just like this!

13. With cute smiley (or not so smiley) faces

Those faces are just so cute they can make you smile even if you’re having a bad day.

Is a year in pixels the right mood tracker for you?

While it is true that it is very easy to make and update the year in pixels mood tracker, there are a few reasons why this may not actually work for you.

First, if you’re the type who gets bored updating the same thing over and over again, this may not work for you. Because as we have discussed, you will make the layout only once, and you’re going to use that for the entire year. So, things can get boring. And because of that you may lose the motivation to update your mood tracker.

If you get bored easily with the same layout, then you are better off using monthly mood trackers.

Second, if you need to track different moods everyday, this is again not going to work. When you’re using a year in pixels, you will have to analyze your entire day and decide which emotion is the most fitting for that day. You only get to choose one emotion (or two in some cases, when you’re recording one for morning and one for evening).

This will work for some, but not for everyone, and it may not work for you. But that’s okay. Just choose a layout that allows you to track various moods daily.

So… what do you think about the year in pixels mood tracker?

Okay, now it all comes down to one thing… what do you think about the year in pixels mood tracker? Do you think if will work for you or not?

The answer depends on you and you alone. So, don’t compare yourself to others. When it comes to deciding whether to use a particular layout or not, it’s completely up to you – your personality, your needs and preferences.

So, if you think the year in pixels will work for you, then go give it a try!

But if not, then that’s okay. Remember, there are other mood tracker layouts to try – a lot more in fact! So, there’s no need to get upset on just one layout. Indeed, there are many more layouts to choose from, and surely there is one that will fit you well!

Looking for more mood tracker layouts to try? Check these out!

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One of the simplest mood trackers you can make is a year in pixels. Just make it once, and your layout is good for the whole year! But will this work for you? Find out in this post!

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